• June 19, 2023

Koroma Calls on International Community to Save S/Leone’s Democracy

Koroma Calls on International Community to Save S/Leone’s Democracy
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Former President of Sierra Leone, His Excellency Ernest Bai Koroma has last Saturday 17th June 2023 called on the international community to make the needful intervention and save Sierra Leone’s democracy.


The former president in a statement spoke on the current security threats, tension, violence and their impacts on the country’s peace, and national cohesion.


He called on the European Union, United Nations, the African Union, ECOWAS, the Commonwealth Secretariat, the Government the Federal Republic of the United States of America, Nigeria, Guinea, Ghana and other friends of Sierra Leone to help save the country’s democracy.


“Fellow Sierra Leoneans, we should not be distracted, our focus should be on creating an enabling environment for citizens to exercise their civil and political rights peacefully” Ernest Bai Koroma said.


He continued that instead of stocking the flames of division, hate and conflict, the nation should as he had always done, discourage and condemn violence in the strongest unambiguous terms.


Former president Koroma encouraged political leaders and supporters to refrain from making inflammatory, divisive statements and show leadership, calling on all bring to end the tension in the country.


He therefore called on all champions and defenders of democracy, Human Rights, the Rule of Law and peace building, especially those who stood by Sierra Leone during the country’s difficult moment as he called on development partners to pay close attention to Sierra Leone.


He furthered called on the aforesaid nations and international development partners/institutions to make their voices be loudly heard in the protections of peace, democracy and the Rule of Law in Sierra Leone.


Former president Koroma also called on development partners and the entire international community to work with all political parties in making sure that the current development and concerns of all opposition political parties are urgently addressed.


“I also entreat Civil Society Organization, including faith-based organizations and the media to maintain a nonpartisan position, be more vigilant and practice in decently”, entreats former president Ernest Bai Koroma.

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