• September 6, 2023

Lawlessness – A course to fight

Lawlessness – A course to fight
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By Hassan Osman Kargbo

It is no longer a secret that lawlessness, indiscipline and public disorder issues are in the increase in the country especially the capital city, Freetown.

Freetown, the capital city of Sierra Leone has over one million inhabitants moving freely doing things out on their own volitions.

Lot of public concerns regarding the high level of lawlessness and disregard in the country which has reaches an uncontrollable peak as it is seeing in all aspects of life.

In Sierra Leone, government officials are vividly going against the laws of the land, because they are in the habit of using vehicles without either government or private registered number plate or a cover number plate roaming the country, celebrating impunity.

Only God knows the rationale behind this said act from government officials of recent times.

Citizens have the moral responsibility to obey the laws of the land but it seems that most people don’t have respect for the law. Lawlessness in the capital is a concern that needs serious actions from the government.

Nowadays, even the sectors that supposed to maintain law and order most times found violating the very law.

The Sierra Leone Police -SLP is charge with the responsibility of protecting lives and properties, but many seem acting contrary to the very law.

It goes without saying that the issue of orders from above has taken a center stage in the country.

This is a clear manifestation of lawlessness and indiscipline in Sierra Leone and as a result, more needs to be done to change the current narrative of lawlessness in the city, because most of the Police officers that supposed to live by example find themselves as masters of indiscipline in the society, moving around causing havoc and mayhem.

With the issue of Kush so alarming in the country of recent, Police officers are in the habit of arresting perpetrators of Kush just for them to be later release for a mega some of money, which clear indicates lawlessness to the highest degree. Instead of them helping the government fight the anti-human capital development drug, Kush in the society, the SLP are busy receiving money from those drug dealers.

Due to the state of lawlessness in the society, President Bio in his wisdom decided to waged war against lawlessness and indiscipline during his first term in office, however, his efforts on the said fight proved to be fruitless endeavor.

Due to his military background, many citizens are with the strongest of conviction that the President will surely change the narrative to end lawlessness in the country.

Despite the efforts of the government to tackle lawlessness, the country is getting lawless on a daily basis.

Indiscipline and lawlessness has engulfed the country and it is very difficult for development to happen in such manner where lawlessness and disorder has become the order of the day.

Lawlessness has been one of the key menaces the nation needs to fight, because ‘the book of Thessalonians 2:9 says the coming of lawless is the activities of Satan’.

Therefore, in any society where lawlessness has engulfed, it is hard to see any developmental strive taking place.

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