• May 3, 2023

Marampa Mines Limited Dishes Le38b to Marampa, Maforki

Marampa Mines Limited Dishes Le38b to Marampa, Maforki
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By Francis Kamara

Saturday 29th April 2023, has gone down in history as a memorable and beautiful day for the people of Marampa and Maforki chiefdom (Port Loko district), as the Marampa Mines Limited which is an affiliate of the Gerald Group of companies in the United States of America, has launched the ‘Community Development Fund and Scholarship program’, as both Marampa and Maforki chiefdom will be receiving 1% of profits made in the production of iron ore for the very first time.

In attendance was the President, Julius Maada Bio, accompanied by the Hon Vice president Juldeh Jalloh, Chairman and CEO of Gerald group & Marampa Mines Limited Craig Dean, Paramount Chiefs, Ministers and other dignitaries.

The Chairman and CEO of Gerald Group of companies and Marampa Mines Limited, Craig Dean–applauded the effort and commitment displayed by the government of Sierra Leone and the community people of both Marampa and Maforki chiefdom.

He went on to say that they couldn’t be here and it will be very impossible for them to function in Sierra Leone  without the strong support of the community and the government, and it is an honor to make history.

Mr. Craig Dean underscored that for over 90 years not a single cent have gone back to the community people of Marampa and Maforki chiefdom. He recalled that over a year ago they talked about making a expansion and now they have done much more than what they initially talked about.

He affirmed that the mines started production under 2 million tons and this year alone, they have achieved well over 3 million tons of production. “it’s a shame that this mine hasn’t been able top function in all of those years – and in all of Sierra Leone, this payment that’ll happen will be the largest in history by far” he said.

Craig Dean mentioned that they have committed there 1% quota and the total of 1.7m dollars (over 38b Leones) will be delivered top the people of Marampa and Maforki chiefdoms.

He went on to state that the sooner they can deploy those funds the better – and despite the fact that they have shipped well over 2 million tons of iron ore, Marampa has the ability to do much more and they at Marampa Mines Limited and Gerald Group of companies will perform those tasks in a professional and sustainable way, as they don’t want the mine too shut down ever again.

Craig Dean emphasized that they can’t do it without the full support of everyone especially the community people – “government is a 10% share holder in the deal and aside that we need to make money here so that some amount of that profit goes back to the people and ensure sustainable development” he affirmed.

The chairman and CEO of Gerald Group of companies and Marampa Mines Limited, Craig Dean asserted that they have a huge commitment in Marampa and it is to make significant change for every man woman and child and for the betterment of all Sierra Leoneans.

“Everything happens in a record pace and we can do good things. However, I do require the full support of everyone including the government as I would like to make history here in Marampa every year”

He concluded that over 1.7 billion tons of iron ore are in the grounds of Marampa and it is a community that has great potential and it needs significant investment so that it can expand. “However, power, logistics and infrastructure are a challenge – but we are here to make an impact and will do as much as we can to develop Sierra Leone.”

The president of Sierra Leone Julius Maada Bio in his keynote address applauded the heroics of the Marampa and Maforki chiefdoms.

He went on to say that his government and partners made a vow to do right by the people of Marampa, in which the CEO of Marampa Mines Limited Craig Dean, promised a heavy and fortified relationship with the government of Sierra Leone.

He mentioned that they had a quarrel with Marampa Mines Limited due to some misunderstandings, but because they had a common goal they were able to reconcile and do right by the people of Marampa and Maforki chiefdoms as well as the country as a whole.

President Julius Maada Bio went on to say that they had a shared vision for the people of Port Loko district and Sierra Leone and the revenue share with the government is satisfactory – a deal that Port Loko district and Marampa will all benefit from.

He mentioned that over the years, Marampa Mines Limited have paid land benefits to Community people, have built schools and have provided support to both Marampa and Maforki chiefdoms in accordance with their corporate social responsibility.

“Skilled workers are necessary for the type of activity going on in Marampa Mines as it makes them employed and engage in skills based entrepreneurship” he said.

President Julius Maada Bio affirms that Marampa Mines have kept sustainability goals going on in Marampa, with specific reference to Agriculture, energy and security.

He added that he is pleased with the way how Marampa Mines Limited have opened up the gender space by having a satisfactory inclusion of women – and they are at 18% that exceeds the global average of about 5% – 12% of women in the mining industry.

He acknowledged that the Marampa Mines is working towards a 30% threshold for women in its workforce and it’s not oblivious to the fact that they have just passed the Gender equality and women’s empowerment bill and it has become a law.

He encouraged them and other institutions to employ more women as that will help in the development of the country.

President Julius Maada Bio appealed to the community people of Marampa and Maforki chiefdoms to protect such a great asset and they should refrain from stealing in the mining site as that will create loss and lead to possible closure of the site.

He concluded that those who are in charge of the funds should utilize it wisely and also ensure that the people of Marampa and Maforki chiefdoms benefit.

The representative of Diplomatic mission at the United States Embassy, Charge d’affaires – acknowledged that it’s an honor to be able to witness and celebrate such a momentous occasion.

One of their primary mission is to ensure that private sector investment like Marampa Mines is well supported. She went on to say the US embassy is extremely proud of Marampa Mines Limited which is a subsidiary of Gerald group of companies which is a US based company.

She affirmed that Marampa Mines Limited have already created over 2400 jobs for Sierra Leoneans and have also improved on the country’s GDP revenue.

She underscored that the work that Marampa Mines have done will go done in history and it will be remember for generations.

The Paramount Chiefs of Marampa and Maforki Chiefdoms – PC Koblo Queen II and PC Bai Forki Fainka II, in their statements acknowledged that this day will go down in history in the area of community development, and have set the wheels in motion for the people of Marampa and Maforki chiefdoms.

They mentioned that since 1933, a single cent hasn’t been paid back to their communities.

They thanked the mining industry for allowing them to experience and benefit from such a laudable venture.

They also affirmed that their share of the reward will be utilized for the benefits of the people – they have also asked for the development of road networks, infrastructure, stable electricity and improved sanitation amongst many others.

They applauded the Marampa Mines Limited for such a wonderful job done and thanked the CEO for his dedicated work and commitment to the Marampa and Maforki chiefdoms.

The event was climaxed with the handing over of the 38b Leones cheque by Julius Maada Bio to both Marampa and Maforki chiefdoms, as well as the distribution of certificates and scholarship awards to deserving school going children of Marampa and Maforki chiefdoms.

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