• January 8, 2024

Messima Road in Deplorable Condition

Messima Road in Deplorable Condition
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By Hassan Osman Kargbo in Bo

Bo is a City that is situated at the Southern part of Sierra Leone and it’s the second populated city in Sierra Leone according to 2015 census. It is not a secret that Bo is still grappling with the problem of good roads and the issues of potholes are also another serious problem that needs to be addressed.

Messima is a community that is highly populated and this community is located in the second capital City. As we all know, Roads are very vital in any country’s development, because it linking one facility to another which could connect people in and around the community.

Messima community road which is also known as the Old railway line is a road that connects from the main Sewa Road to new Barracks and it’s also leading to the Bo Sports Stadium. Whiles the government have put efforts to settled the roads and potholes Crisis in Bo, the people of Messima are seriously facing with series of potholes and bad roads in Bo.

Umaru Kamara, a Bike rider in Bo noted that for the past decade the Messima road has been in a deplorable condition and the authority concerns have been given it a blind eye. He said the road has been destroying their motor bike over the years and it seems like authority are remaining reticent towards the potholes at Messima. “This road has been destroying our bikes. Whenever I used the Messima road I feel irritated because of the condition of the road. Most times I reject passengers that are coming along the Messima axis, but I sometimes come here because the Messima is a big community that lots of passengers are coming from there,” he stated.

He admitted that they normally spent a hug sum of money to repair their bikes. That’s why he doesn’t love to use the Messima road because of the condition of the road.

Amadu Sannoh, a resident of Messima said that, they are finding it difficult to get bikes to transport them to town because of the condition of the road because bike riders normally reject using the Messima route. He continued that the potholes had been at Messima since when he was a boy and up till now they potholes are still visible.

He noted that the government should construct if not to rehabilitation the road. He said if it happens it will reduce the rate of accidents, adding that many people have sustained injuries due to the bad road in Messima.

Roads are part of development and the people deserve good roads so that they could run their businesses peacefully in the country.

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