• February 2, 2024

Ministry of Youth Affairs… Billions of Leones Chopped

Ministry of Youth Affairs…  Billions of Leones Chopped
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 By Alusine Fullah

As part of the effort of the Auditor General and its Audit Team in unearthing farfetched activities that are embedded in some public offices, the Ministry of Youth Affairs, after going through the Audit Service Report it is evident that the ministry is grossly in financial mismanagement and embezzlement. Highlights on the Audit Report reveal that 14 fishing groups did not pay the monthly sum of SLE2, 174.861 into the project account for 12 months. This resulted in a significant loss in revenue which amounted to SLE365,376.65 (SLE2,174.861x12x14).


The report also observed that 70 fishing youth groups that signed contracts with the Ministry had exceeded the 18-month duration granted for payment of fishing accessories to the scheme as stipulated in the 307 MoU. Of the total expected revenue of SLE2, 735,314.70, only SLE858, 725.89 was paid by the fishing groups, leaving a balance of SLE1,876,588.81.


The report also shows that the ministry has failed to present procurement documents for audit. It states: “Contrary to Section 36(1) of the Audit Service Act, 2014, procurement documents such as copies of business licenses and registration, copies of valid NRA and NASSIT tax clearance certificates, RFQs and LPOs were not submitted to confirm whether procurement procedures were followed in the utilization of funds which amounted to SLE2, 716,072.85…”


In contravention of Section 100(bi) of the PFMR of 2018, the report observed that payments of SLE2, 363,471.12 were made without payment vouchers and supporting documents.

For the past decades, young people in Sierra Leone continue to be marginalized and lack opportunities. At a time when international support is waning, the country is at a critical juncture. Greater investment in and attention to young people are urgently needed, in particular.

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