• February 17, 2023

News Flash Just In! The APC NDC Will Go On

News Flash Just In!  The APC NDC Will Go On
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By Sheriff Mahmud Ismail

According to Africanus Sorie Sesay, the head of the Legal Team and Presumptive National Legal Adviser of the main opposition All Peoples Congress (APC), the APC’s National Delegates’ Conference (NDC) shall hold with slight changes. This follows the ‘curing of mischief’ in the text, content and spirit of the injunction. Sesay said that, in fact and in law, the APC was never injuncted in the first Place. Rather, it was the Interim Governance Transition Committee headed by Peter Alfred Conteh.

This comes on the back of this afternoon’s adjournment to February 22, of the the ruling on the FK Gbondo injunction against the IGTC.

The ‘curing of the mischief’ took place in the same High Court presided over by Justice Hannah Bonnie under ‘Matters occuring after judgment’, pursuant to Order 46, Rule 11 of the High Court 2007. What this means is that the Injuncted IGTC should back off and that the APC, through its Transition Interim Elections Management Committee (TIEMC), can go on with its National Delegates’ Conference starting on 18, 19, 20.

In the Struggle of the APC, there’s victory!

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