• August 5, 2023

NGC’s Tina Turner Reigns Supreme: A Critical Analysis

NGC’s Tina Turner Reigns Supreme: A Critical Analysis
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by Alan Luke, 5 August 2023

Tina Turner, the prominent figure at NGC North America Women’s Leadership, has made waves with her recent 17-minute, 13-second audio release on the NGC Global Forum, dated August 3rd, 2023. In this impactful address, she vehemently criticized Kandeh Yumkella and the NGC party leadership for their ill-advised and politically naive decision to form a questionable alliance with President Bio. This alliance aimed to bolster Bio’s faltering government following the contentious general elections on June 24, 2023, which were marred by allegations of favoritism towards the SLPP. Turner’s audio response took direct aim at Ludrick Sam and DJ Million (also known as Theo Morrison), whom she boldly labeled as cretins.

Savage’s audio release carries considerable weight. She resolutely stated that the NGC’s alliance proved to be a failure—an assertion reiterated four times in her discourse. She painted the present scenario as one where NGC has unwittingly aligned itself with a single-party state, placing blame on political rejects from both the APC and SLPP who hold the reins of the party’s leadership. A central message from her address underscores the lack of transparency within NGC’s leadership. She questioned their failure to elucidate the benefits accrued from the alliance with SLPP to the party’s members. Furthermore, Savage equated the rigged election outcome to a palace coup, delivering a forceful indictment not only of Kandeh Yumkella and Jesmed Suma but also of the SLPP, signaling a significant rebuke of President Bio from a senior member of their junior coalition partner. These statements bear substantial consequences, particularly since NGC North America Women’s Leader, Tina Turner, and her Phenomenal Ladies exert substantial influence within the party, providing vital financial support for party operations and administration. The impact of Savage’s words on the NGC party leadership is unmistakable, especially as the party grapples to secure funding for office spaces and operational costs.

Savage’s revelations also expose NGC’s response to the tragic extrajudicial killing of nurse Mahawa Dumbuya, whose fatal execution within the APC head office in Brookfields shocked the nation. Turner disclosed her efforts to prompt the party’s leadership to condemn the killing, yet she revealed that opportunistic elements within NGC, who harbored hopes of securing ministerial and ambassadorial positions (which went unfulfilled), dissuaded her from pursuing such condemnation. This disturbing prioritization of personal gain over moral rectitude reflects poorly on NGC’s leadership under Kandeh Yumkella and Jesmed Suma.

Savage trained her focus on Kandeh Yumkella, dubbing him politically naive and criticizing his actions during the election campaign. She ridiculed his public displays of camaraderie with the Bios, likening his behavior to mere stage antics. Savage challenged Yumkella’s confidence by daring him to navigate the streets of Freetown without security, highlighting what she sees as a disconnect between Yumkella’s claims and actions. She questioned the existence of the institutions Yumkella vowed to safeguard, underscoring her skepticism of efforts by Yumkella loyalists like DJ Million to reshape his image. Savage contended that Yumkella’s reputation has suffered irreparable damage among the people of Sierra Leone due to perceived betrayal, culminating in his chairmanship role within a dubious and unauthorized regime.

Savage’s audio recording holds immense significance, offering a resounding censure of the party leadership’s decision to forge an alliance. As a current executive member of the North America region, her critique resonates deeply. She lays bare the callous attitude of NGC leaders towards extrajudicial killings and reveals the lengths to which some were willing to compromise principles for personal gain, while Yumkella propagated a facade of peace.

While Savage desires NGC’s continued relevance as a political force, she acknowledges a bleak future unless drastic action is taken.

To salvage the NGC, ordinary members who feel betrayed and let down by their party leadership, would need to consider taking action to expel all National Executive Committee and National Elders and Trustees Council members responsible for the alliance, starting with Yumkella, otherwise the party’s demise is inevitable. That would be a herculean task, given that the majority of ordinary members still harbour hope of a Yumkella presidency in 2028, even though all indicators suggests that this is unlikely, if not impossible.

Alternatively, Turner and her Phenomenal Ladies, may want to consider taking a stand in their region, and triggering a vote of no confidence in their regional chair,  in light of allegations that emerged during the election campaign, indicating a previous arrest for child molestation and rape. Such an incident should have been disclosed prior to his election. Taking control of this position, would send a strong message to the NGC National Leadership by cutting off its financial lifeline, if it fails to address members concerns.

These developments cast a shadow over NGC’s prospects, potentially contributing to the hesitancy of President Bio to appoint NGC members to positions in his government, which faces questions about its legitimacy.

Audio message below.

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