• August 21, 2023

No Denting RCBank MD’s Rock Hard Reputation

No Denting RCBank MD’s Rock Hard Reputation
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It goes without saying that when the fox is not able to grasp the grapes, he turns away disappointed and consoles himself with the belief that after all, the grapes are sour.

This brings to mind recent rogue videos doing the rounds on social media targeting the Managing Director of Sierra Leone’s most accomplished commercial bank – Rokel Commercial Bank (RCBank) on claims that the Bank was paying out incorrect or less amount of money to its customers.

Worth noting is the fact that the reputation of the RCBank Managing Director, Dr. Ekundayo Walton Gilpin is far above such pettiness and most people following the progress of the RCBank will readily agree that he will not condone such and if he does know and investigates the veracity of such claims, he will ensure that the heads of any one implicated shall surely roll.

This comes at a time when the RCBank MD and his dedicated team are working hard to maintain the transformation of the entity which is unarguably

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