• September 20, 2023


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History is certainly about to repeat itself in Sierra Leone politics. With the recollections of political narratives of the early days of the country’s democratic process during which aspirants for political leadership who tried and failed were recycled by the political families due to primitive loyalties and hero-worshiping which is about if not already taking take place in the two tradition political parties – the Sierra Leone Peoplr’s Party and in the All People’s Congress. We say no to the recycling of APC and SLPP second-hand politicians, as there is no place for them is Sierra Leone politics.

The recycling of politicians is synonymous with both the incumbent SLPP and the main opposition APC as if they both lack competent human resource personalities capable enough to take up leadership tasks, which is being widely frowned at by members and followers of both parties and are calling for true democracy in the SLPP and APC.

APC and SLPP undemocratic old guard political ploy of recycling and imposition of failed, weak and most times badly defeated politicians on the electorate against their wishes and aspirations are unacceptable and must be discouraged to allow democratic competitions at its fullest. They undermine the true spirit of democracy.

Questions are being raised about renewed attempts by the leadership of the main opposition APC Dr Samurai Mathew Wilson Kamara who is trying to make come back for the flag of the APC in 2028, even though his time is due. He must be discouraged on that and redirect his attention towards preparing for exit and succession plans through a competitive democratic transition process, rather than trying to recycle himself for a third term. That should not be tolerated by the APC party as Samura Kamara has had his fair shares of the APC political power in 2018 to 2023 yet he didn’t make it to State House. Therefore no need for a third term chance when there are so many other competent APC sons and daughters in the que patiently waiting for the party’s National Delegates’ Conference to place their bids for delegates’ mandate. They must be granted the needful chances to try their respective lucks. And Dr Samura Kamara needs to be told that enough is indeed enough for him and he must give chance to others with the required leadership qualities the APC is yearning for going forward onto 2028.

Also, the protracted Ernest Bai Koroma leadership era as chairman and leader of the APC from 2005 to 2023, it should not the culture of the party to be recycling leaders. Recycling politicians might cause another internal struggle in the APC party, especially with the high level of political awareness among members and supporters of the party. There is no need to have Samura Kamara again opting to run for the party’s flag for a third term.

And for the sake of political correctness, Samura Kamara and the APC as an institution should not hastily fall for the undemocratic and bad governance patterns of the SLPP who are always recycling and imposing politicians on the people. That is no democracy and should have no place in both APC and SLPP.

The obsolete fashion should be discouraged within the two political parties. APC and SLPP are not in short of politicians with good leadership qualities who are capable to take up leadership responsibilities in their respective parties. So, defeated, weak, and unpopular politicians should reason enough to hands off from the affairs of their parties – APC and SLPP. These parties are not their family properties for them to be holding them to hostage, like the former APC chairman and leaders ex-president Ernest Bai Koroma did since in 2005 to 2023, all in the name of recycling him from one term to another.

Similarly, the SLPP also recycled Julius Maada Bio from 2012 to 2022 during which he strongly consolidated his grip on the party’s power onto the presidency. Bio’s first attempt in 2005 was met with resistance from a heavyweight, to whom he lost. Former vice president Solomon Ekuma Berewa, defeated Bio at the 2005 primaries in Makini Mombali.

Thereafter, Berewa and emerged as the winner of the SLPP flag. Berewa contested with Koroma and lost to the then APC presidential candidate in September 2007.

Solo B., as was fondly called didn’t recycle himself and hold on the SLPP party leadership. The old man allowed internal democratic competition therein and gave way to other SLPP partisans including the very Bio who tried their chances in 2012 for the second time and in 2018 during which he finally emerged as a winner, all through recycling and imposing himself on the party. Such is worthy of emulations by emerging democratic leaders.

Moreover the fact that Bio, Koroma were recycled does not mean that the APC should continue to have Samura Kamara as the only contender for the party’s flag. Again, Samura Kamara’s time is due and he must hands off now and allows new breeds with fresh political governance ideas to run the affairs of the APC. Pro-Samuras should know that the APC is the popular political establishment, with large national and global followings that should not be underestimated at all. And that the party does not belong to one person but the people of Sierra Leone thus should not be held hostage by Samura Kamara and his few followers. Therefore whosoever wins the blessing of the party with the mandate of the people will be a sure winner of the 2028 presidential election. And come what may the APC is sets to form the next government of the Republic of Sierra Leone. It is not a norm that the APC should continue to have Samura Kamara as the party’s only candidate while you have more contenders with what it takes to deliver party from its present dull drum and win the 2028 polls. The APC must stop its recycling thing of Kamara and other failures. The party need radical actually reforms with new energies.


Everybody know what Koroma’s long hold on the APC leader and chairmanship cost the party since 2005 to 2018, let alone to mention how is Bio’s paopa hegemonic rule has come this far in destroying the SLPP from 2012 to date. The people don’t even expect the SLPP to tolerate nor encourage Bio’s old political guard tricks any more.


For APC members and supporters should not fall for Samura Kamara’s u-turn ploy preparing for the party’s flag as there is nothing much he can offer that he hasn’t spoken about from 2018 to 2023.

For all we know and believe Dr Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara has nothing to offer the APC party and Sierra Leoneans. So be wise SLPP and APC partisans and make the necessary change for the general good of your generations yet unborn rather than relying on recycled politicians with nothings to offer the nations except empty narratives.

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