• January 30, 2023

Obama Eyes Kambia District Council Seat

Obama Eyes Kambia District Council Seat
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As the governing Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) last Friday 27th January 2023 invoked the proportional representation for the June 24th polls, Kallay Musa Conteh fondly knowns as Obama has over the weekend resounded his tension for vying for the Kambia District Council (KDC) Chairmanship under the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) party ticket.

Obama who is full of hopes and confidence of winning the Kambia District Council Chairmanship seat for the APC party said in an interview with FORUM that the SLPP with its forceful imposition of the PR system has made the elections much easier for him and his party.  He informed that he is no stranger in the district’s politics and has been working with every sections of grassroots communities in Kambia, adding that even the youth of Kambia know very that he is fittest candidate for the District Council seat as he’s the only leadership that can deliver the needful if given the mandates by the APC party and the electorate come June 24th.

“Now that the SLPP party has invoked the PR system of voting in June 2023 polls, it is but pleasing for the Obama campaign team to celebrate victory ahead of the polls, said lead campaigner of the Obama campaign team.

The disclosed that the reason being is that the APC party can only file the candidature of the most popular and a marketable candidate like Kallay Musa Conteh alias Obama for a decisive victory to clinch the Kambia District Council Chairmanship.

Obama, also knowns as the political dynamite, who is fully conversant with the situations across Kambia District, and the North-West terrain always reaches out to all and sundry in the district and even beyond.

Having served as a Chairman for Constituency 060, and chairman for all the six constituency chairmen in Kambia and Constituency 06 Kambia Central, APC party Propaganda Secretary, Northern Region from 2013 to 2017, Kallay Musa Conteh only needs to refresh memories of adorations from the APC political family in Kambia District.

His larges followers, admirers and supporters believe with Kallay Musa Conteh aka Obama formidably position by the APC party for the Kambia District Council Chairmanship seat, the SLPP candidate will be left with no alternative but to conceive an early defeat even before votes are finally counted come June 24th this year.

Kallay Musa Conteh therefore implore all to vote him for a well administered Kambia District Council to deliver a transformative district developmental goals for the benefits of sons and daughters of Kambia.

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