• June 6, 2023

Orange SL Appreciates Media

Orange SL Appreciates Media
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In demonstration of enjoying comfortable dominance in the telecommunication industry, Orange Sierra Leone Limited (OSL Ltd) has last Friday 2nd June 2023 organized its first media update since the commencement of the year at the company headquarters, Hill Stations, Freetown.

According to Orange SL, the motive behind the media update is to let the media be knowledgeable of what they have been doing as a company.

The media update took the form of speeches by the keynote speaker, Orange SL General Secretary and president, Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ).

A Power points presentation was done by different sectors and management of the company.

In his keynote address, Bolor Sesay disclosed that he will not be given a keynote address only but his will also entails the role of the Sierra Leone media to the company’s successes.

He recalled that the country media landscape had over the years gone through transformation.

He continued, with emergence of technology has opened opportunity for a more vibrant and diverse media.

Sesay noted that the media plays an important role in building brand awareness, connecting them to their customers and promoting products and services, hence the reason Orange SL relied on diverse media channels to advertise its products and services.

The media has helped Orange SL in dealing directly with our existing customers and address their issues, he said.

Through the media, Orange SL can now monitor customers sentiments and satisfaction on its product and services, he noted.

Bolar Sesay continued that the media has also serve as a platform for the company to promote its brand values and cooperate initiatives in financial inclusion, women’s empowerment and youth development programmes.

He attested to the fact that publicity through the media has helped strengthen the Orange SL’s reputation and the image of the brand in the eyes of the public.

In a nutshell, the keynote speaker reiterated the media’s critical role in the company business by enabling marketing, advertising and facilitating customer services and boosting the company image and credibility.

Jannetter Danita, Orange General Secretary, referred to the event as symbolic for the company, owing to the facts that the company recognize the major efforts of the media in dishing out accurate, reliable and timely news to the public about the company.

She added that the devotedness of the media in its role has been very critical in ensuring that the people are well informed about Orange SL products and services and its impact to the company numerous customers.

Danita further noted role of the media in upholding the ideas on freedom of press and keeping the public informed stands key.

9She disclosed that Orange SL value the media partnership and assured the media of the company continuous partnership in ensuring that the company news and events are accurately and fairly reported to the public.

“In the age of social media and fake news, it is reassuring for the media to know that they can still trust the media to provide them with unbiased and fact base reporting.” General Secretary said.

She added the relentless of the media with its unrevealing commitment with the principles of good journalism with integrity serves as a big hope for Orange SL.

SLAJ president, Ahmed Sahid Nasrala told the gathering the company and the media have come a long way with mutual respect and support.

“Is no longer a secret to the media that Orange SL has over the years helped sustain the media, especially now that the media is going through turbulent times,” observed SLAJ President.

He recalled the level of engagement between Orange SL and the association when he was serving as secretary general under the former SLAJ president Kelvin Lewis.

As a testament, the president disclosed that Orange SL did numerous programmes with the association citing scholarship programmed for master and PhD for journalists.

SLAJ president noted that the company also help children of journalists with school fees in both junior and senior secondary schools.

Apart from that, he continued, Orange SL supported in establishing the welfare funds under my leadership as president aims at supporting public interest media and journalists in terms of crisis, he noted.

Nasrala stated that Orange SL has also supports the association for the upcoming elections to access credible information to the public around the elections as a newsroom situated at the association’s headquarters on Campbell Street, Freetown.

Power point presentations made, comes up in our subsequent editions.

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