• August 21, 2023

Orange SL, CONEX Make Digital Money Possible

Orange SL, CONEX Make Digital Money Possible
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By Hassan Osman Kargbo

In a bid to follow and maintain the digital trend in the world, Orange Sierra Leone and CONEX have launched their partnership to see customers buy products from CONEX using Orange Money.

The launching took place last Friday 18 August 2023, at the CONEX filling Station, Brookfield Freetown.

According to the Managing Director of CONEX Mr. Avrajit Kar, the relationship between Orange SL and CONEX will go a long way, because the two companies have strong backgrounds coming together to digitalize Sierra Leone through Orange Money wallet.

He said with the partnership between Orange Money and CONEX, Sierra Leoneans will have the chance to buy any product from CONEX gas stations across the country using their Orange Money.

‘CONEX and Orange have made things easier for our customers because customers can now pay for anything they buy in CONEX using their Orange money Wallet,’ he said. ‘This is what we call digitalizing your wallet’ he disclosed.

He noted that the world is going digital and as such, our country should follow the trend of technology by digitalizing our money, which he said could be very easy to carry.

Mr. Kar confirmed that all their 27 CONEX stations will be using Orange Money to do their money transaction.

So, he continued individuals without physical cash don’t need to worry anymore because with their Orange Money wallet they can buy anything from CONEX gas stations.

‘Our 27 CONEX gas stations will start to use Orange Money for our customers. So, you don’t need to walk with huge sum in your pocket, when you have your Orange wallet, everything you want at CONEX will be at your disposal,’ he said.

Chief Executive Officer,  Orange Money,  David Mansaray disclosed that he is excited to partner with CONEX gas station. He noted that such ties will help people to use physical cash in an extreme situation only.

He said most gas stations close before 9.p.m owing to the fact they cannot handle huge sum of money at night.

Partnership with Orange SL, CONEX gas stations could open until mid night because they could use Orange Money to do their transactions at night.

The Marketing and Sales Manager, CONEX, Mr. Brima Sesay, noted that physical cash transaction is dying slowly in the world, because of the coming of digitalization in this modern age.

We are now in cash less society, which he stated the partnership had shown that Sierra Leone is now following the digitalize world.

Mr. Sesay continued that they are ready to help their customers to buy their products whether in cash or through their digital Money. He ended by profusely thanking the both Managing Directors for their great ideas in bringing the two companies together to help not only their customers but the people of the country as a whole.

Orange SL, senior staff, Mrs. Abibatu Baxter highlighted how customers should pay for their products using Orange Money.

She noted that customers with android phones should download the app and scan the QR code and CONEX code will immediately pop up. When it does pop up, one can enter the station code and later enter the amount and your password.

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