• June 8, 2023


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The recent media update organized by Orange Sierra Leone which is aimed at raising public awareness about the company’s progress telecommunication giant continue maintain their dominance in the industry.

Orange SL at its recent media engagement with journalists reassured customers that the company is up to the tasks of delivering reliable telecommunication services across Sierra Leone and beyond.

Admirably, Orange SL’s interventions outside the telecommunication industry and its impact to the targeted beneficiaries, are clear signals that the telecommunication giant has excelled over the years, leaving others struggling to catchup with modern telecommunication developmental trends.

According to reports, Orange SL employment strength in Sierra Leone stands at three thousand seven hundred and thirty employees nationwide.

History also have it that the company was the first telecommunication company to incorporated a mobile finances Sierra Leone before it is being copycatted by others in the industry.

According to Memunatu Sesay, Orange SL was incorporated on the 30th November, 1998.

She continued that on the 2nd May this year the company held a week long activities during its 2023 Environmental Health Safety (EHS) week with the theme “Taking Sustainable Steps To Reduce Our Carbon Footprint”.

She added that the weeklong activities started with morning coffee section for staff to enable them elaborate the goal of the EHS week.

Staff collective responsibility on environment protection and the need to reduce their carbon emission was key during the morning coffee session, she told the media.

She reiterated the company’s commitment in protecting the environment as the company acknowledges the potential environmental impact their operations may have on the environment.

Marketing Officer, Elizabeth Walker told the media that Orange SL stance against corruption is a zero tolerance in the conduct of the company’s business.

She continued, upholds compliance programmed aimed at guaranteeing the mitigation, deterrence and detection of bribery and corruption.

Madam Walker disclosed that fraud is inevitable and by harnessing a zero tolerance to fraud, the company is more likely to prevent its occurrence.

Head of Sale, Business to Business, Pricilla Okechuku, said the company continues to invest in the country thereby contribute significantly towards the economic development of the country.

Madam Okechuku added that as a result, the commenced deployment of their 200km underground fiber from the capital Freetown to Bo, Southern region to link key nodes from their data centre in Freetown.

She disclosed that the cost of the said project is valued twenty (20) million Euros, which she noted is part of BnB continuity strategy.

“The fiber will serve as an additional redundancy to the national terrestrial fiber.”  She disclosed.

According to her, they embarked on the said project to deploy underground fiber to ensure reliability and security and ensures standard to their customers.

With regards customer experience, Orange Sierra Leone Limited foundation officially commenced the second phase of the digital school kits project.

The digital school kits project made available twenty five tables, raspberry PI, one laptop and more to primary schools across the country.

Orange SL foundation group previously rolled out to ten primary schools in Freetown last year, of which five schools had already received the donated kits and a further three will receive theirs soonest as part of the company customer perception rollout.

Orange SL will continue to cater for the less privileged and offer digital solutions to societal problems, this medium was told.

Orange SL, through its philanthropic wing, the foundation launched their 6th ultra-modern Free Quality School ECD school construction by turning the sod at Sarguehun town, Pujehun district under the distinguished patronage of President Bio who symbolically did the turning of the sod alongside Orange SL Chief Executive Officer, Amadou Bah.

With education as a core pillar of the foundation, EDC schools that the company foundation is constructing across the country will provide nursery learning for kids between the ages of 2-4 years with the aim of positively impact the lives of vulnerable people and communities.

The Orange Money Department, in their presentation revealed oversea money outgoing partnered with  Business to Business (BnB) to send money to African countries  and international remittance incoming is live with money gram, RIA and Remity.

It was disclosed that the Orange money is for all and sundry with orange App that allows other network customers to register and make use of the App.


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