• February 2, 2024

Paran’s Corruption Scandal Pushes Parliament to the Gutter

Paran’s Corruption Scandal Pushes Parliament to the Gutter
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By Aruna Sesay

The alleged case of the Clerk of parliament (Hon. Paran Tarawally) has raised so many criticism and debates in the country. The accusation of employing his wife Abibatu Paran Tarawally as Human Resource Officer at parliament has questioned the integrity of parliament and at the same time affect the operations of parliament. The Clerk of Parliament wife’s received salary for ten months without even reporting for work. Report claimed that, both the wife and the husband have been put on bail and the wife accepted to return the sum of One Hundred and Thirty Thousand (New) Leone she had been receiving for salary.


As the saying goes “To whom much is given much is expected.” The Clerk of Parliament in Sierra Leone is a senior administrative officer who serves as the chief advisor to the Speaker of Parliament and ensures that the legislative process runs smoothly. If a key figure like the Clerk of Parliament is involved in such corruption act, how then can he lead can by example? The people of Sierra Leone usually look up to the Clerk of Parliament as a symbol of institutional integrity and impartiality, with expectations of unbiased conduct and respect for the democratic process. People are now looking up to the Anti- Corruption Commission (ACC) and the special committee in parliament for which it is speculated the Clerk is part of that committee, to conduct a bias free investigation on the matter. On the contrary, some people are not trusting ACC because Hon. Paran Tarawally is a popular figure and a key player at the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP).

The involvement of the clerk of parliament in an alledged corruption case can have severe implications on the operations of parliament in Sierra Leone. Here are some ways it can hinder parliament’s operations. The alledged involvement of the clerk of parliament in a corruption case can lead to loss of credibility: The clerk of parliament is one of the most important officials in the legislative process. The office is responsible for many crucial tasks, such as keeping records of proceedings, organizing committees, and communicating with other government bodies. If the clerk is implicated in a corruption scandal, it can seriously damage the credibility of parliament, and consequently, the legislative process.

This alledged involvement can also lead to damage to reputation: If the clerk is found guilty of corruption, it can damage the reputation of the entire parliament. It can lead to the public loss of faith in the institution, which can lead to decreased public trust and legitimacy. Not only that, his alledged involvement can also increase political instability: Corruption in parliament can cause political instability, as it can lead to political fights between political parties and members of parliament. This can lead to a breakdown of the legislative process and the activities of the parliament.

Finally, to regain the public trust again, parliament should launch an extensive investigation into the alleged corruption case of the Clerk of Parliament and his wife. This investigation can be carried out by an independent panel or regulatory agency. If the allegations are found to have merit, the parliament should suspend the Clerk of Parliament while the investigation is ongoing. Again, parliament should enforce ethical standards that will promote accountability, honesty, and transparency in the conduct of legislative and other affairs of the parliament. By implementing the above measures, the parliament of Sierra Leone can take critical steps to address the alleged corruption case of the Clerk of Parliament and ensure that the legislature operates transparently and accountably.

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