• August 18, 2023

Police Releases Rape Suspect

Police Releases Rape Suspect
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Police at the East End Police Division, Freetown have recently released an alleged rape suspect, COMIUM from custody, confirmed a senior police officer attached to the Family Support Unity at the same division.

The suspect was arrested a week ago for alleged penetration of a minor. COMIUM, according to family sources allegedly tricked the under aged girl with an Iphone13, he gave her the phone and retrieved from her having had an intercourse with the minor.

COMIUM, the sources furthered, intoxicated and dosed the underage girl with substance and later had sexual intercourse with her whiles within the course of her unconsciousness. The suspect is also reported to have taken several snapshots of the underage girl, which were shared on social media. Reports have it that COMIUM invited his friend who had sexual intercourse with the underage victim.

A police officer attached at the East End Police Family Support Unit name witheld, disclosed that they have conclude investigations into the matter. He said that they are only waiting for the medical report from Rainbow Centre Sierra Leone, before police can forward the case file to the Department of Public Prosecution for advice before the matter is charged to court. The police officer confirmed that the suspect has been released on bail with two sureties and he is expected to report to the police on a daily basis, until police get advice from the DPP.

More on the alleged rape matter in Monday edition.

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