• August 28, 2023

Political, Public Admin Minister Calls for Teamwork

Political, Public Admin Minister Calls for Teamwork
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By way of ensuring that one of the Big Five Game Changer of President Julius Maada campaign manifesto is fully achieved in record time, the Minister of Public Administration and Political Affairs, Amara Kallon, has called for inclusivity and teamwork.

Minister Kallon’s call on heads of Ministries Departments and Agencies – MDAs, which seems to have officially kicked start with his strategic visit to the Public Service Commission, aimed at fostering teamwork in making sure that government’s flagship policies are fully implemented at all levels across governance structures.

Mr Kallon Thursday 24 August 2023 reiterated government’s commitment towards revamping the country’s public sector during his visit to the Public Service Commission.

Speaking in a working engagement with the leadership and team of the PSC, Mr Kallon expressed firm belief in the power of teamwork, an open-door policy and highlighted the immense scope of the public sector.

The Political Affairs and Public Administration Minister underscored the urgent need for cohesive working relations geared towards the fullest accomplishment the desired collective goals of the Public Sector, in sync with government’s transformative vision.

“The Public Service is a vast sector; it is only by working together as a team them we can achieve our objectives,” Mr Kallon encouraged PSC staffers and civil servants across the board.

 He placed more emphasis on teamwork and collaboration which he re-echoed must be completely aligned with the vision of the Ministry of Political Affairs and Public Administration to streamline processes and procedures to enhance efficiency, and promote transparency and accountability within the Public Service.

Mr Kallon reassured all of his commitments to an open-door policy to visibly indicating his willingness to engage key player on concerns and suggestions of PSC staff, thereby promoting inclusive working environments and mutual respects.

By acknowledging the importance of teamwork and an open exchange of ideas, Mr Kallon sets a positive tone for his leadership, suggesting a potential era of progress and effective governance within the public service sector.

Mr Amara Kallon’s visit marked an important step in his mission to ensure public understanding of the functions and challenges of the institutions he oversees.

Credit: Public Relations Unit, MPAPA

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