• January 22, 2024

President Elect Joseph N.Boakai will Inherit a stronger economy than I inherited in 2018″ Says President Weah

President Elect Joseph N.Boakai will Inherit a stronger economy than I inherited in 2018″ Says President Weah
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By Reagan S. Lebbie

IRENA online TV Liberia Jan. 22- Despite the criticism by the public about corruption in six years the outgoing President, George M Weah has exhibited high level of transparency and honesty while leaving the Presidency on Monday disclosing what was inherited and what is lift for the next administration in cash.

” I must report to you that we are leaving behind a better economy than we inherited. tomorrow, President-Elect Joseph N. Boakai will inherit a stronger economy than I inherited,” President Weah emphasized.

Speaking Sunday when he finally give his farewell message to the nation, he said there is a bigger net international reserve position than was handed him in 2018.

” I inherited about Ninety-Four Million, Nine Hundred and Ninety-Nine Thousand United States dollars in net international reserves, and I am handing over to the next administration a net international reserve position of Two Hundred Twenty-Two Million, Seven Hundred Thousand United States dollars. added that this is a 136 percent increase in net international reserve position.” Weah disclosed.

The outgoing President said the total cash balance in the Government’s Consolidated accounts is United States Forty Million, Forty-Four Thousand, Three Hundred Sixty-Five Dollars and Ninety Cents.”

According to him, his government inherited a consolidated cash position of about Seven Million United States Dollars In 2018, and that the incoming administration has more resources to deal with emergency macroeconomic challenges than his administration had at its disposal in 2018.

The President told the nation that he held steadfast to two cornerstones of leadership, including keeping the peace and upholding the democratic process and the rule of law.

“As you are all aware, Liberia, for the first time in over seven decades, experienced a peaceful transition of power when I assumed the presidency in 2018,” he noted, stressing that January 22, 2024 inauguration of a new administration marks another significant milestone in the country democratic journey.

President Weah emphasized that he was leaving office proud that Liberia remained at peace with itself and at peace with its neighbors during his tenure in office.

He stated: “Our Armed Forces, a force for good, were never turned against our own people, and external action was confined to international peacekeeping missions under the United Nations.”

The President said the peace sustained by Liberia’s own domestic resources is a testament to the maturity and strength of the nation.

“We protected the inalienable rights of every Liberian citizen as enshrined in our Constitution. Freedoms of speech, assembly, and expression were not only preserved but celebrated,” he further intimated.

President Weah disclosed that he was leaving office with no political prisoners or prisoners of conscience, terming it “a testament to the development of strong democratic institutions that are now not only hailed as competent and professional, but as trusted and credible”.

He said Liberia is now regarded as a pillar of democracy in West Africa and a shining example to the world, something he said was made possible through various collaborative efforts.

Though he is leaving office, the President said he would remain actively engaged with the politics of the country as standard bearer and Political Leader of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

This, he maintained, is to ensure the continuation of our strong and vibrant democracy.

He urged citizens to continue to be law-abiding and seek peaceful means to resolve differences and embrace tolerance and dialogue


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