• August 17, 2023


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Weighing the steady progress that is being recorded by the newest mobile operator in just few years of its inception, one would be tempted to say that QCELL Sierra Leone appears to be on steady progressive pathways in the growing telecom sector.

Apart from delivering telecommunications services to Ministries Departments and Agencies, private businesses, domestics, and foreign Non-Governmental Organizations, QCELL SL has also expanded its network coverage across the country, reaching every Sierra Leonean with a reliable service at affordable tariff.

Services ranging from voice call, data and internet services that enable subscribers to communicate via WhatsApp, and other forms of ISP interactions as well as new media at cost-effective rates.

In a bid to meet the demands of customers, QCELL SL is constantly upgrading and expanding network coverage wider to meet the growing telecom needs of businesses, public and private sector operators and members of the diplomatic community.

That besides, QCELL SL network has also unveiled several innovative products, including Q-Power, done in strong partnership with the management of the Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority – EDSA. The joint scheme is aimed at enabling subscribers to recharge their EDSA pre-paid meters, directly from their main wallet without having to have a mobile wallet. This presents QCELL as the very first and only mobile company to have such service. QMoney also forms part of the network operator’s recent partnership recently launched in sync with the trending financial inclusion scheme. QMoney is now widely used by QCELL SL customers to make payments, send and receive money via their QMoney accounts and can easily cash-in / cash-out at all QCELL customer care shops across the country.

Moreover, the operator is also on record for meeting its corporate social responsibility in diverse sectors, which makes QCELL SL much different from other network operators. The mobile operator has in recent past reached out to so many needy communities and individuals with humanitarian support as it was evident during the past pandemic and even afterwards.

Speaking in a video shared viral on the network’s social media handles, QCELL Group Chairman, Mohamed Jah, a Sierra Leonean Gambian who graduated from the Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone many years ago said, “We are in Sierra Leone to complement government’s efforts and bring something better for Sierra Leoneans”.

Mr Jah disclosed that since the network commenced operations in the country in 2019, QCELL SL rolled out two objectives; to be the best network in Sierra Leone and offer cost effective reliable voice, data and other mobile phone services to customers across the country as it was done in The Gambia, which he vowed is also possible in Sierra Leone, which has already been long accomplished.

He informed that QCELL has the best technology offered at the most affordable cost, adding that they started with 2Generation, 3Generation and now 4Generation networks, always with equitable network strength everywhere in the country. Mr Jah said QCELL SL covered the entire country in less than two years.

“We will not get tired until every corner of the country is able to use WhatsApp and other internet calls”, said Chairman Jah, adding that QCELL SL also invest in diverse sectors.

Chairman Jah encouraged Sierra Leoneans with businesses to aspire to own banks and other top investments in the next few years. “We want to see the entire Sierra Leone with 4G network with a very fast internet speed. He said QCELL SL is run and owned by Sierra Leoneans. The more reason he said QCELL SL is always trying to cut down on the cost of communication, saying, “We are in Sierra Leone to give back to the people”.

Chairman Jah said telecom being the most important sector that can develop a country faster pointing out that, “We want to see Sierra Leone succeed in providing effective telecom system everywhere in the country”.

So far, QCELL SL covered nationwide with over one hundred and fifty cell site stations across the board. Presently, QCELL SL has network presence in Kailahun, Koindu, Kenema, Segbwema, Moyamba, Fayome, Tihun, Wonde, Mamasonka, Koidu, Lungi, Lunsar, Port Loko, Kambia, Kabala, Kono, Binkolo, Kamalo, Kalangba Kamakwei, Bonthe Island, mattru Jong Segbwema, Zimmi, Pujehun, Sulima, Bo, Makeni, Bumbuna, Yele and many more towns and villages within the country.

Along this trend one would be safe to opine that QCELL SL is not only on steady progressive pathways but firmly positioned as the fastest growing mobile operator with the most affordable Tariff offerings in Sierra Leone.

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