• October 24, 2023

RAF Honours Bio with Governance Award

RAF Honours Bio with Governance Award
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President Julius Maada Bio has recently received a Leadership and Good Governance Award from the Rebranding Africa Forum for what the organization described as leader and governance.

In a post shared via the official social media handles of the presidency reads;

“I am deeply honoured, humbled and thankful to the Rebranding Africa Forum for conferring me with the 2023 Governance Leadership Award. Awards like this stand as a constant reminder that the road ahead might be long, arduous and torturous, but it is one worth travelling for the sake of the present and future generations of Sierra Leoneans.”

The post furthered that the award also reminds all that progress and positive changes are not the result of one individual’s actions but a testament to the power of collaboration and unity.

The award he continues serves as a testament of collective efforts and dedication to the causes… Accepting this award President Bio said; “I am reminded of the countless people who have dedicated their lives to the principles and values underpinning our work. It is to them and to the future generation that we strive to inspire that I dedicate this honour. While I am deeply grateful for this recognition, I am acutely aware of some of the prevailing challenges we face as a country and continent.”

President Bio reiterated his firmest commitment to do more, adding that it is pertinent to note that the award is not the culmination of our journey but a milestone toward a brighter and more just future for our people.

“I pledge to remain committed to the ideals that have brought us thus far. I accept this award with a renewed commitment to the values and principles that have guided my leadership and journey in public service,” vowed President Bio.

Together, we will face the trials of our time with resilience, compassion, and a shared vision for a better tomorrow.

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