• August 30, 2023


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The Commissioner

Anti-Corruption Commission

Integrity House, Tower Hill


 Dear Sir,


Your attention is drawn to the Big Five as contained in the 2023 manifesto of the SLPP government, and the commitment of His Excellency the President to implement programmes in the said agenda. Your attention is further drawn to the fact on how the fight against graft and its attendant successes took center stage in the political campaigns of his Excellency, who was able to capitalize on those achievements and financial recoveries to build confidence in the public and win political trust. Take notice, Mr. Commissioner, of the massive funds you returned to the State barely two weeks ago, apparently recovered from the corrupts. Interest is also taken in your social media appearances on how trends in tackling graft point to a remarkable achievements in halting the bane, and on how public support and reporting corruption are a stepping stone to eradicating graft.

Bearing this in mind, as a concern citizen, permit to draw your attention to a few tips pointing to stealing of public funds meant for the 2023 elections at SLBC.

It is my information that funds were stolen between May and July 2023 which were meant for the June 24th elections to the tune of around a billion old Leones or more. I have seen a letter addressed to the Financial Secretary dated 23rd May 2023 captioned: Disbursement of Second tranche for SLBC Elections Coverage. It requests for release of the said funds totalling One Billion Old Leones One Hundred and Sixty-Two Million Five Hundred Thousand Old Leone. These funds, both first and second Tranche, came under a project titled SLBC 2023 Elections Coverage that was addressed to the Financial Secretary in May 2022.

Mr. Commissioner, I am a regular participant on SLBC TV and Radio programs so I visit that place quite often in spite of the fact that I am a friend to many there. In fact on Tuesday 22nd of August 2023 between the hours of 5:00pm to 7:00pm, there was a serious commotion between the Engineering Department and the Finance Department over forgery of signatures to affix them on fictitious requisitions allegedly in the possession of the finance people/staff. Staff of the finance department charged at the engineering department to assault them. Both the engineering staff together with staff of other departments, who had crowded the top floor, repelled the finance staff. It was a heavy row that will attract anyone to find out what is happening. And the rantings! You hear everything. Engineering accused finance of forging their signature. And finance hates that labelling. I heard the statement: ‘’Write, write, write”. Engineering to complain the matter to the boss who is in the center of this corruption. This gives insight that funds were withdrawn without supporting documents, breaching all procedures. The engineers must have smelled the rat and raised the sledgehammer for their defense.

Mr. Commissioner, it is my information that funds were also stolen between September 2022 and February 2023 running to or above a Billion Old Leones. The majestic sofa chair you see at the SLBC reception is an instrument for hiding stolen wealth.

Mr. Commissioner, what is never hiding at SLBC is payment of director/consultant salary to junior staff. Every staff at SLBC knows this. It is not hidden. Nancy Sesay is a Commercial Officer receiving a director salary, and carries a consultant pin code. Papanie Conteh is Finance Manager that receives the same salary as his boss, the director.

Mr. Commissioner, the fight against graft lies in the hands of the people of Sierra Leone. I see you have massive support from the public including the media and CSOs for which I commend you, and I also wish to enlist their pages and microphones to support you in addressing corruption happenings at SLBC.

Please find attached, supporting documents to the few points highlighted in my letter.

Yours sincerely,

Concern Citizen


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