• June 1, 2023

Revealed… Audit Service Produces 34 Reports

Revealed…  Audit Service Produces 34 Reports
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Reliable source from the Audit Service Sierra Leone has showed that since 2007 to date, the commission (Service) has produced thirty-four (34) Performance Audit Reports so far.

According to the institution, sixteen (16) of those reports constitute forty-seven percent (47) % of the said reports are issues in the last past five years from 2018 to date.

That notwithstanding, the Service’s commission’s Acting Auditor General, in the 2021 Audit Report brought two solid issues to the attention of the Public Account Committee (PAC) of the Fifth (5th) of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

The statement of the Acting Auditor-General captured the non-submission or requested documents by the auditees during the audit process by parliament, which are eventually submitted to the PAC hearing.

Most importantly, the Acting Auditor-General’s statement highlighted the Service’s performance Audit Reports that are not given the desired attention by parliament.

The commission noted that they have experience challenged in the payment of audit fees by some public enterprises (PEs).

A number of these institutions have not been meeting their financial obligations, general statement of the Acting Auditor-General Abdul Aziz in their 2021 Annual Audit Report revealed.

He added that the payment of audit fees backlog had and continues to impact the quality of work negatively.

According to the commission, the aspect of auditing is gradually gaining recognition among non-state actors and citizens across the country.

The 2021 Annual Audit Report, according to the Service focused on service delivery, promoting transparency and accountability in Ministries Departments and Agencies (MDA)s in the fulfilments of their duties to the citizens in an effective and reliable manner, which the report said precludes the commission’s concern about the need to address the elements of internal control and cash management, quality and accuracy of accounting procedures.

Audit Service further called the attention of the government on the slow pace of the commission building project situated at Tower Hill, Freetown.

The Commission currently occupies the Freetown City Council Hall, Wallace Johnson Street and Youyi Building remain desirous to occupy their property in a not-too-distant feature for proper supervision, control and management of staff.

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