• June 23, 2023

Saturday Polls… President Bio Calls for Peaceful Election

Saturday Polls…  President Bio Calls for Peaceful Election
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As proud citizens of this great nation, we collectively anticipate the advent of an all-inclusive, liberating crystal clear, and serenely conducted election process that shall grace our land on Saturday, June 24, 2023, that was the exact words of the President Julius Maada Bio, during a statement in a Tuesday June 20 national broadcast.

President Bio continued that in the realm where democracy thrives, we all flourish and united in the boundless prosperity bestows upon us.

He noted that where violence finds fertile grounds, its pernicious consequences permeate the nations collective existence sparing none from its bitter aftermath.

President Bio added a nation cannot subject her children or loved ones to a repetition of our darkest past.

As a nation, he noted, we must recognize that there is simply no substitute for democracy, even when its outcomes may feel inconvenient or leave us disheartened, he stated.

“Let it be known that as a nation we shall firmly reject any temptation to circumvent the sacred mantle of the Rule of Law, for it is our solemn duty to rise unwaveringly in defence of democracy noble”, President Bio said.

He reiterated in no uncertain terms that the multi-party elections will not be postpone as the stipulated date of 24th June, 2023 will go ahead as schedule.

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