• July 13, 2023

Security Threats at Bo Correctional Centre

Security Threats at Bo Correctional Centre
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With Sierra Leone Correctional Service (SLCS) listed in the field of human rights government institutions, qualifies the institution as key partner to Human Right Commission for Sierra Leone (HRCSL).

The Commission, through its annual report on the “State of Human Rights” informed that three inmates in Bo Correctional Service had been suffering from mental illness for over four to nine (4-9) years.

Instead of being transferred to a mental health facility at Kissy in Freetown, the Sierra Leone Correctional Service continues the said inmate’s incarceration.

HRCSL, in its strides to make rights real, warns that such poses serious security threat to not only fellow inmates but also correctional centers personals.

HRCSL report also captured inmates found wearing torn and thread bare uniforms, a contravention of Rule 19 (1) & (2) of the Standard Minimum Rule for the treatment of inmates, “Every inmate who is not allowed to wear his or her own clothing shall be provided with an outfit of clothing suitable for the climate and adequately to keep him or her in good health. Such clothing shall in no manner be degrading or humiliating.”

The State of Human Right Report 2019 also sighted the Moyamba Correctional Center did not have the required jumpsuit based on the jail term status as a result of non-availability.

The HRCSL annual report serves as a guide to assist the government and private section in the application and observance of human rights standards in service delivery process and practices.

Like any other reports, the HRCSL’s 13th edition of their report is a scorecard for the state of human rights as prescribed by international, regional and local human rights instruments.

The Commission most times embarked on strategic engagements to strengthen its relationship with partners and institutions.

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