• September 15, 2023

SLANGO Constitution is still alive – members assert

SLANGO Constitution is still alive – members assert
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By Hassan Osman Kargbo

Madam Ann Marie F. K. of Kartania Women’s Development Association (KWDA), and also a member of Sierra Leone Association for Non-governmental Organization (SLANGO) has last Friday 8 September called on the board members of SLANGO to work with the constitution accordingly.

She made this statement in an interview with FORUM NEWS SL after SLANGO membership held a meeting at Saint Anthony Church Hall, Sky Street, Freetown.

According to Madam Ann Marie, the SLANGO board members should work in accordance with SLANGO constitution in any decision board members want to take in appointing a National Coordinator or any recruitment process.

She added that their constitution is still alive and not dead, as a result, SLANGO board members should follow the due process for the law betterment of their organization.

‘Our constitution is there and we must follow it appropriately, SLANGO’s constitution is alive and not dead so we must follow it for the progress of the organization,’ she disclosure.

Madam Ann Marie noted that the board should maintain Mr. Edward as their Coordinator, adding that the man has been with SLANGO since 2013 and he is still with the organization.

‘We came here to discuss the recruitment policy of SLANGO, and Mr. Edward has been with us from 2013 and he knows all the activities of this organization, he has worked for SLANGO very hard, but all of a sudden the board want to appoint an unknown man to run the activities of SLANGO which majority of us is against,’ she said.

She mentioned that SLANGO is a big body that constitutes over 100 non-governmental organizations, so appointing someone as coordinator that don’t have the prerequisite will hinder the progress of the organization.

She furthered that they will try to do further engagement with the board members to know why they want to appoint someone who is not capable to coordinator of SLANGO.

She noted that they are satisfied so far with the first meeting they had with the board and they are looking forward to hearing positive information from the board members.

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