• September 1, 2023

SLBC ACC Investigation… Auradical Investigates Auradical

SLBC ACC Investigation…  Auradical Investigates Auradical
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The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Commissioner, Francis Ben Kelfala during the commission’s recent held retreat, Tokeh, in the Western Rural District vowed to investigate corrupt public officials in the Julius Maada Bio’s led administration.

The ACC Commissioner, in his right frame of mind was responding to accusations of him only targeting opposition members throughout President Bio’s first term in office.

Less than a month after making such utterances, ACC Commissioner Kelfala who indisputable happens to be a member of the Auradical fraternity of Fourah Bay College University of Sierra Leone, is now investigating a matter in relation to the Director General, Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation, Joseph Egbenda Kapuwa Esq., who is also an Auradical member.

Many are of the strongest of options that such impenetrable brotherhood that exists between the ACC’s Kelfala and the Director General, of SLBC, Kapuwa has the potential to influencing the ongoing investigation.

Reliable sources reaching FORUMNEWS-SL intimated that despite both personalities emanated from Auradical fraternity, they both happens to be Catholic Christians of long standing and lawyers too, sparking fears in the minds of many that the said investigation will be water down as a result of the increasing personal interests into the investigation with the singular motive of protecting an Auradical brother from such political public disgrace handing over the head of   the Director General, SLBC.

Notwithstanding the fact that the Director General, SLBC had disclosed that the institution has sent all necessary documents to the ACC to enhance investigation, doubts remain high that the ACC Commissioner would do all in his reach to vindicate his Auradical brother.

Things seems to be favouring the SLBC Director General, as the current Minister of Information and Civic Education, Chernor Bah, appears to be supervising the SLBC, is also a die hearted Auradical Foundation board chairman, making the speculations of  buff case seemly possible in the whole alleged corruption probity.

Aggrieved staff of the SLBC even before the they wrote a letter to the current Minister of Information and Civic Education, fears had already gripped them that brotherhood has the greatest potentials to trivialise the investigation hence the reason in the said letter quoted saying; ‘Your Auradical Brotherhood relationship with the D G – Joseph Egbenda Kapuwa and his sycophantic actions/moves as evidence in his July 31st 2023 03:14 PM Facebook post are sufficient for anyone to suspect as reasons for such lethargy.’

Separate from corruption scandals rocking the SLBC, serious infighting between the Director General and his Deputy Alimany Kamara gaining momentum day in and out, thereby making the situation worse.

The trillion dollar questions roaming the country for an answer is, will the ACC Boss do the needful despite the Auradical, religion and professional brotherhood existing between Commissioner Francis Ben Kelfala Esq and Joseph Kapuwa Esq?.

The ongoing ACC investigation, political pundits said is a test case for the ACC Commissioner to disprove or approve allegations of political witch hunt and hatred mind for opposition partisans in the ACC one sided fight against corruption.

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