• September 28, 2023

SLCB Cautions Tertiary Institutions

SLCB Cautions Tertiary Institutions
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By Hassan Osman Kargbo

Sierra Leone Commercial Bank (SLCB) has in a press release dated 25 September 2023, cautioned all universities, colleges, and tertiary institutions with the financial service provider, on the growing issues of students that are in the habits of committing fraud during registrations.

According to the release, SLCB is aware that registrations stand as a pivotal phase within the academic calendar of any tertiary institution. The bank observes that during the registration period, students try to enroll in their various higher learning institutions for their respective choice of courses, making tuitions payments and they could submit their necessary information for administrative purposes.

The release sadly informs that some set of students are in the habit of manipulating the process for their personnel gains, resorting to distorting or forging information.

It continued that the SLCB’s Board and management had observed concerns uptick in incidents that involved a student who engaged in activities of fabricating academic credentials, altering financial records, or resorting to identity theft in order to secure enrollment and financial assistance.

The release added that such actions can not only undermine the credibility of institutions, but can also lead to significant financial losses.

According to the release, SLCB’s Board and management shall continue to strength its enhanced students’ registration verification processes to detect irregularities, raise awareness on the consequences of fraudulent practices, work with authorities by collaborating with law enforcement agencies to apprehend and prosecute offenders.

SLCB believed that in ensuring the integrity of the registration process necessitates a collaborative endeavour involving all stakeholders, encompassing students, faculties, staff, and administrators. By working together, they can construct a safer and more secure environment for higher education.

SLCB reiterated their unwavering commitment to uphold the highest standards of academic excellence and ethical conduct. They shall persist in their vigilance and address any challenges that may jeopardize the integrity of their esteemed institutions.

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