• May 11, 2023

SLPP Accuse of Political Intimidation

SLPP Accuse of Political Intimidation
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Accusing fingers continues to be directed to the governing Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) operatives in Pujehun following intense political intimidation of the All Peoples Congress (APC) Party supporters and members in the district and its environs.

Report reaching this press have it that SLPP operatives are directly targeting SLPP defectors to the APC of recent, labeling them as political betrayers.

Indisputable sources confirmed that some SLPP defectors to APC were not only beaten up mercilessly but their properties destroyed by the SLPP pursuers.

Report furthered, one of the youth that accompanied the SLPP defectors to the APC party office in the district was also mercilessly beaten.

Relatives and sympathizers of the SLPP defectors to the APC wasted no time but accompanied the innocent youth to the Pujehun police station to make a report, sources intimated the Forum.

This gesture, report stated was denied by the police in Pujehun Division.

This blatant refusal by the police to enter the report and issued a medical form to the complainant leave many APC’s members and supporters in the district questioning the independent and neutrality of the police in the upcoming polls.

“Political differences do not call for a fight, but the principles of understanding to enjoy political fun and accept the decision of the ballot box at the end of the elections” a bike rider plying the headquarters town of Pujehun and its environs was quoted saying.

One Abu Kemokai and his brother were alleged to have conspired with other persons unknown to have attacked the SLPP defectors to APC.

The Minister of Information and Communications, Mohamed Rahaman Swarray is also on the spotlight for aiding and abetting political violence.

Allegations are that minister Swarray organized his thugs to attack the APC parliamentary and councilor nominated candidates respectively.

The two nominated candidates were thoroughly beaten and spayed with acid by supporters of the SLPP.

As of now, the membership of the APC in Pujehun is under threat, the report stressed.

As a result of the high cost of living, must SLPP supporters in Pujehun district have decided to pitch camp with the opposition party and also resist any attempt to convince them to support the SLPP, report told Forum.

Many SLPP supporters, this medium was told are desperately yearning to see Dr. Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara visit the district.

Pujehun District had and continues to refer to the APC Presidential candidate   as a solace to save them from the socioeconomic muddle hunting the country for the past five years.

As a district, Pujehun is not designated only for the Sierra Leone Peoples’ Party (SLPP) but for other political parties, including the All Peoples’ Congress (APC), youths that referred to themselves as “Pujehun Realists” whispered to the Forum.

Many holds the view that the coming general elections are crucial and much to be done to prevent political ferocity, with Political tolerance the catchphrase for the coming elections.

Sierra Leone have witnessed political cross over from one political party to another without any upheaval.

Some APC have crossed over to the SLPP and some SLPP to the APC without any commotion thereby maintaining Political tranquility and socialization.

Report has it that Political violence is also seen resonated in the Kenema and Kambia districts, respectively.

Allegations by the opposition in Kenema and Kambia are that SLPP youths were mobilized to destroy bill boards of the APC presidential candidates.

In Kambia, SLPP youths attacked the convoy of Dr. Samura Kamara with stones, ran away and left their accompanied motor bikes. Their motor bikes were collected and remain in the custody of police for further investigation.

In Kenema, bill boards of Dr. Samura Kamara were also destroyed and threatened remarks made by some supporters of the SLPP against APC supporters in the district.

The Political Party Regulation Commission (PPRC) has levied a fine on the APC on the grounds of political misconduct related to the coming of Dr. Samura Kamara and entourage from the Makeni convention.

Lots of political misconducts have been carried out by the SLPP with levity, but no fine was levied by the PPRC, findings revealed.

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