• October 5, 2023


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The chairman and leader of the People’s Redemption Council (PRC), Amadu Thambadou Bundu, has described the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party-SLPP and the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) as ‘failures’ without solutions and agendas to address the country’s economic problems.


He said the SLPP under the leadership of President Julius Maada Bio continues to demonstrate its inability to provide the much needed national development roadmap for the country with an abundance of multiple natural resources at their disposal.


Bundu made the disclosure in an exclusive interview with FORUM NEWS in Freetown, during which the businessman turned politician unveiled plans by his PRC party to revamp national development in the country.


The former Executive Director of Door to Door Enterprise observed that the country is in disorder under the watch of a bad leadership as nothing seems to be moving or walking in the expected direction.


He said both the APC and SLPP have exchanged the mantle of power for the past sixty-two (62) years without anything tangibles to be proud off as a nation.


‘I am an investor that has served the government, nongovernmental organisations and others in the private sector for close to forty (40) years,’ he said.


Since both parties’ inception, the PRC Chairman and Leader added that, the APC and SLPP continue fighting each other over the wealth of the country while their supporters remain heavily in poverty with basic amenities largely lacking.


‘I decided to enter politic so that I can transform my business ideas for the betterment of Sierra Leoneans,’ Amadu Thambadou Bundu told Forum News.


Mr Bundu described the Political Party Regulation Commission (PPRC) as a big disappointment, adding that the commission deliberately delayed the certification process of the People’s Redemption Council – PRC. He alleged that the PPRC debarred him from contesting the 24th June, 2023 presidential election.


‘As I am talking to you, I already have one hundred industrial projects that include tomato and paper industries, sand mining among others,’ Amadu T. Bundu said.


He expressed his strongest determination for the country to enjoy good roads and bridges and for the most remote villages in the country to have access to constant water and electricity supplies.


He said investors would have come into the country long ago but the 24th June elections prevented them from coming in. He, however, expressed firm optimism that investors are expected to be in, latest, October this year.

‘I will be providing six million jobs and low cost housing in most of the districts of the country thereby bringing to an end the long standing unemployment and housing constraints that had and continues to upset the country since its independence,’ the PRC Leader and Chairman said.

‘I swear, the APC and SLPP have what it take to develop the country but they are deliberately bent on destroying the economy. The APC having ruled the country for eleven years and yet was inept creating industries to battle the unemployment rate in the country. Similarly, the SLPP under President Bio’s first five years was nothing to write home about. He further forced his way into the second term by stealing the people’s mandate. I am calling on the citizens to exercise patience. I will industrialise Sierra Leone with a billion dollars as the investors have written to President Bio and he has instructed the Trade Minister to reply the said investors,’ he told Forum News.

He lauded the minister of trade for exhibiting nationalism regardless of their political differences.

‘My investors are coming to invest in wide range of sectors like hospitality, energy, engineering and construction and many more. My investors also plan to build another airport,’ he promised.


Bundu said what the SLPP is referring to a new airport lacks many things to make it a 21st century airport under the Build Operates and Transfer (BOT) agreement.

He said the investors have also consented to arrange with reputable airlines in Europe and other parts of the world to start operating in the country, hence additional job creation for the citizenry.


In an exclusive interview with Forum News Bundu disclosed that his political intention for the nation is to provide the much need national development that befits the citizenry as per the country’s natural resources, something he said the APC and SLPP have failed to do.

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