• January 26, 2024

The Commission has recovered Sea of Money—Ben Kaifala Says

The Commission has recovered Sea of Money—Ben Kaifala Says
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By Alusine Fullah

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) headed by Francis Ben Kaifala has disclosed to a battery of journalists about the recovery of a sum of 8.6 billion old Leones during a press briefing.

During this august press conference, the ACC Commissioner firmly emphasized the commitment of the commission in the fight against corruption. “It’s indeed a sea of money recovered from the corrupt who had embezzled it in one of the cases we are investigating at the SLRA. In front of me, the commission has recovered stolen money that sum up to 8.6 billion Leones. Six people admitted to stealing it and paid it back to the state, having been detained for their crime pending investigations.”

The Commissioner further noted that the commission is always ready in fighting against corruption. He also noted that in the fight against corruption the commission has no sacred cows. He said: “ Be it SLPP and APC members or any tribe or region corruption is not immune to anybody…at at stands we investigating the case of Paran Tarawallie (Clark of Parliament) and his wife…and the commission has recovered millions of Leones from them. So no one is immune

The fight against corruption is the unique selling point of Sierra Leone under President Bio. With a focused lens, the results produced so far are encouraging, and on the verge of making corrupt practices deformed. The Millennium Challenge Cooperation can attest to the vehemence at which the New Direction is determinedly earning corruption unfashionable. Today, countries are eager to take the road map employed by the government of Sierra Leone in quarrelling corruption.






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