• November 2, 2023

THE CONCH – I BLOW MY CONCH ON ISSUES The Mouth: The Ugly Aspect of It

THE CONCH – I BLOW MY CONCH ON ISSUES  The Mouth: The Ugly Aspect of It
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By Alusine Fullah

Indeed, one of the most powerful weapons on the face of the earth is located approximately one inch below your nose. Honestly, I am referring to your mouth. In Sierra Leone, I am pretty sure most Sierra Leoneans don’t really fathom how tremendously destructive their mouths can be. One of the most widespread sins of the mouth in our society today is: BAD REPORT. But first, what is bad report? Bad report it is about using words, a tone of voice or facial expression to communicate something negative about another individual. Bad reporting in our work places today is a great concern.

Many people have destroyed the reputation/image of their colleagues by using their mouths. You have seen it and I have also seen it in communities, work places, mosques, churches, etc. Throughout this piece, I will repeatedly warn you to carefully guard what comes forth from your mouths. Yes, bad reports from our mouth have murdered many homes. Bad mouths have made people lost/sacked from their work places. Bad reports from our mouths have destroyed relationships. Why can’t we apply the theory of confrontation? Meaning if somebody does something wrong to you confront the person instead of bad report. Backbiting and gossip are prevalent/well alive in our work places/ homes.

Religiously, I believe with all my heart that eliminating sins of the mouth is a major key to seeing and shaking our hands with heaven. In some work places, I see people deeply engaged in bad/ malicious report against their colleagues/family members. Why?! What will you gain from that? Even a facial expression can deliver a bad report. When someone comes to you and asks, “what do you think about sister so and so?” and you respond by grimacing/ frowning and shaking your head, you have communicated more vividly than you could ever do with words. Why bad reports in our work places so deceitful/ harmful? This is simply because bad report damages/ ruins the reputation of the individual especially information that does not need to be shared. Moreover, it also has the tendency to spread discord and rift among others. Indeed, it breads/ accommodates every form of evil in the work places.

Have you ever received a bad report about a particular individual and then later found it to be TOTALLY FALSE once you get acquainted with them? How many times have we prejudged our friends, sisters, brothers, bosses, mates/colleagues in work places simply because we accepted a bad report at face value? That is why it is so august not to let anyone give you a bad report about another brother/colleague, especially when you never had a chance to get to know that person for yourself. I normally find myself in that situation with other people in my work places. Someone will approach me and say, Fullah, I have heard about Mr. so and Mr. so…etc. I cut them off immediately and ask, have you gone to that person with this? I would prefer not to hear it unless you have spoken with him about it… hmmmm!!! At this point, it will be arduous for that person to explain further.

According to the book of James, we were told that the tongue/ mouth is a spark that can set devastating fires ablaze. It states: “And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity: so is the tongue among our members, that it defiled the whole body, and seth on fire the course of nature; and it is set on fire the course of nature; and it is set on fire of hell.” When you give a bad report about someone, you are setting such a fire. But it is possible/ simple to quench that fire before it has done too much damage. How do you do that? By repenting and asking that person for apology and forgiveness. The sooner we do this, the better. Let us always speak well about our colleagues/ sisters/ brothers in our homes/ work places.


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