• April 21, 2023

“The Duty of A Leader Is To Protect and Provide For the Citizens; Not To Harass Them,” Samura Kamara

“The Duty of A Leader Is To Protect and Provide For the Citizens; Not To Harass Them,” Samura Kamara
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By Sherif Mahmud ISMAIL

Kabaya, Kambia District -Friday 21st April, 2023

At the border town of Kabaya, in Kambia district, the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC)’s presidential candidate, Dr Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara lamented the toxic nature of today’s politics in Sierra Leone and assured that when elected he would govern Sierra Leone as one nation and treat every ethnic group, region fairly.

He emphasized that every development programme and project designed and implemented by government should have a national outlook.  “Here in Kabaya, in Kukuna, and in all the communities in this district deserve a fair share of government’s development agenda. You deserve good schools, good roads, good health facilities and good social amenities, he told the gathering,” he stated.

On the government responsibilities he reiterated the fact that the provision of social services was not a favour from any government; “it’s your right just as it’s your right to stand up and choose the leader you want,” he explained.

Dr Samura Kamra also spoke on leadership and faith saying that that if a leader was God-fearing, he would be open- minded enough to accept criticisms, engage in constructive dialogue, reflect upon the differing views and strive to make amends; rather than harass and intimidate them.

And he had some stronger views about the duties of a Gid fearing leader:  “When in power, the duty of a leader is to protect the citizens and not to harass them.” He then turned to God with a prayer saying: “Anyone who plans evil for Sierra Leone, O Lord judge him.”

Speaking about the purpose of his visit, Dr Samura Kamra said he had come to present himself and to dialogue so that he’d better understand their immediate and long term needs of the people of Kambia.

At the same time, he assured that already, he knew that when he becomes President after June 24, he’d have to fix the Mambolo to Kabaya road, all the way to neighbouring Guinea.

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