• June 8, 2023

To Transform Freetown… UDM Mayoral Candidate talks tough  

To Transform Freetown…  UDM Mayoral Candidate talks tough  
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The United Democratic Movement (UDM), Kassim Conteh has disclosed plans to transform Freetown if elected as the mayor of the city.

Mr Kassim Conteh made this pledge on Saturday 3rd June, 2023 during the Mayoral debate at the Lagoonda conference Hall in Aberdeen, west end of Freetown.

Responding to questions posed to him by the BBC correspondent, Umaru Fofana, he said one of the things he will embark on is to ensure a rubbish free capital.

He said he will institute several measures that will tackle the scattering of rubbish, and key among them is to move the dump site from Freetown to an ideal location in the outskirts of Freetown.

Mr Kassim also maintained that as measure to sanitize Freetown, he will recruit more sanitary officers who would be deployed in areas where residents are in the habits of throwing rubbish in gutters and other neighborhoods, and at the same time institute fines that will deter people especially those in vehicles, pedestrians and petty traders.

The UDM hopeful when asked how he will improve on the revenue generation of the council, he said he will make sure that all those that are using the roads as garages, those parking building materials on the roads pay a minimal fine for doing such act in the CBD.

He also said that he will ensure that market dues, property rates and other social recreational facilities pay what is due to the council.

He also promised to tackle noise pollution by ensuring that those transversing the streets of Freetown are fined or seize their musical sets.

He also promised to modernize the various marketplaces and ensure that they are clean, have water supply, electricity supply and toilet facilities among others.

The UDM Mayoral candidate stated that the way and manner Freetown has become lawless, it need a leader like him who is self-discipline and a no-nonsense man to punish any defaulter irrespective of your political affiliation or tribe.

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