• July 28, 2023


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The VIP GROUP COMPANIES Sierra Leone Limited (VIP SL LTD) has in the recent past performed extremely well in the supply of periodical rice quota to personnel of the Sierra Leone Police, among other logistical support, affirmed Police Headquarters.

The output of the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, VIP SL Ltd, Ahmed Hashim, fondly called VIP, has come a long way in highly impressing the Executive, Management Board of the elite security and law enforcement agency, as well as the astute leadership of the SLP, Inspector General of Police, William Fayia Sellu.

In view of that, commendations and accolades are being heaped on both the Office of the IGP SLP and the Chairman and CEO, VIP Group of Companies for always delivering rice quotas and other logistical services to police personnel in record time.

Recent among such deliveries were several consignments of VIP BRAND PARBOILED rice quotas that were delivered and supplied to personnel across police installations nationwide, beyond their overall expectations.

Speaking to personnel at different deployments, senior and junior SLP officers lavished praises on the IGP, Sellu, and the supplier, VIP SL Ltd. for their collective good works in motivating and boosting welfares police personnel at all levels.

Police personnel after the other FORUM NEWS SL, also applauded the Chairman and CEO, VIP SL Ltd, Ahmed Hashim for his relentless to support police personnel through the backings of the IGP Sellu.

They described the performance of VIP SL Ltd as extremely outstanding and has positioned the company taller among others as it remains the first ever contractor which has not only supplied police high quality standard of parboiled rice, but also the first ever that has dished out six bags of rice each at a go to police officers across the country.


“We are grateful to our IGP, William Fayia Sellu, for his restless efforts in maximizing our welfare, and to the rice contractor, VIP GROUP of COMPANIES, who is also working tirelessly to deliver us our supplies not only on time but also quality rice… VIP GROUP OF COMPANIES is always on top of the situation in terms of rice delivering regular supply of high quality rice to the Police Force”, senior and junior police officers stated. They described the timely intervention of VIP TRADING COMPANIES as a blessing in disguise, as the company has helped so much in boosting their morale than what used to be obtained.

“Under previous contractors, there were rampant untimely deaths of our colleagues and family members, which were allegedly linked to the rotten rice supplied to them,” they disclosed, pointing out that with the coming in of VIP SL Ltd police can now boast of having the best rice among the security forces in Sierra Leone.

About alleged backlogs of rice supply, police personnel after the other explained that the timely intervention of the VIP SL Ltd, now working tirelessly with the astute leadership of IGP, Sellu, the issue of backlog rice is now a thing of the past, as the duo continue to work diligently to deliver on time.

“God bless His Excellency the President Dr Julius Maada Bio, God bless the Inspector General of Police, William Fayia Sellu, God bless VIP GROUP OF COMPANIES,” police officers chanted loudly as they receive their rice quotas at various police installations, stations and regional headquarters across the country.

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