• July 18, 2022


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By Mohamed Kallon

Popularly known as “The Game Changer” a unifier, a Mixer and Master Fixer among the grassroots, the current former Deputy Chairman and Leader of the country’s main opposition party, the All People’s Congress (APC), Hon. Alhaji Minkailu Mansaray, is in a pole position to become the party’s next National Chairman.

Many of those who are clamoring for him to lead the party believe he can unquestionably live to their expectations, given his undisputable character, impressive and enviable track record and his insatiable desire not only to redirect the party but importantly to ensure it regains power come 2023.

Since he entered into politics spanning decades back unto his election as national deputy leader, Hon. Mansaray has made name for himself making him one of the best and most experienced and reliable politicians in the party.

His dedication, commitment, courage, patience and loyalty, earned him the deserved respect among his party fateful and non-party members alike. His patience and courage prompted his boss, the former National Chairman and Leader of APC erstwhile President Dr Ernest Bai Koroma to appoint him to important enviable positions of trust in the government including the Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources, position he held until the APC regime lost power in 2018.

As a true loyalist and God-fearing man, Hon. Alhaji Minkailu Mansaray has served and is still serving his party and the country at large with all his ability and might devoid of party politics to the admiration of not only his boss, ex-President Ernest Bai Koroma but also the general populace in particular, which is why many people are now clamouring he becomes the next chairman of the All People’s Congress.

The Game Changer was one of the most trusted APC party Lieutenants under President Koroma, which is why he was held in a very high esteem by all and sundry. Given his time and ambition to serve the party, one could hardly notice the absence of the national leader whether he was around or not because he was always around ready and willing to sacrifice his time, money and energy for the progress of the party without complaint. He always made sure things go right. That kind of commitment and selfless services the soft-spoken politician made was undeniably one of the major reasons the APC secured victories in the 2007 and 2012 general elections that saw the inning of his boss, ex-President Ernest Bai Koroma to power more so when he stoutly controlled the Western Area as the party’s regional chairman.

Quite apart from being a seasoned and experienced politician, Hon. Mansaray as a devout Muslim, also has deep sense of feeling for everyone he comes in contact with. He always identifies himself with people irrespective of their status, tribe, politics, region or religion and shares their concerns together. This has undoubtedly gives him the edge over others who, without emphasis, often run away from the very people they claim to represent.

As a result of all this, senior party bigwigs as well as the grassroots are now calling on the party to give Hon. Minkailu Mansaray the unhindered opportunity and the needed support to continue the very good work he has started in the spirit of the progress of the party and his people.

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