• November 20, 2023


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PEE CEE & SONS, JOLAKS and MILL GROUP workers have described as the three best the companies much as workers welfare treatments are concerned. The three companies’ worker made their commendations while sharing their respective working experiences with FORUM during brief working tours of PEE CEE & SONS, MILLA GROUP and JOLAKS all in the east of Freetown.

Among issues they explained during this medium’s engagement with them are that their welfares are being regularly addressed by PEE CEE &SONS, MILLA GROUP and JOLAKS. They disclosed that their medical and health concerns, daily allowances and stipends, timely monthly cash and account salaries payments are also addressed in record time.

According to one of the companies’ workers, is firmly in sync with government’s visions and aspirations towards offering five hundred thousand jobs in the approaching years.   

The more reasons in a bid to complement government’s efforts geared towards creating employment opportunities for trained and untrained young people, PEE CEE & SONS, MILLA GROUP and JOLAKS are now at advance an stage of actualizing President Julius Maada Bio’s five hundred thousand jobs offer dream for the betterments of all among probable national economic boom. These brands since inceptions they are on sound records for offering full time gainfully employment opportunities to Sierra Leoneans from all shades of the society. PEE CEE & SONS, MILLA and JOLAKS work in full compliance with the country’s investment, trade, commerce, and tax legal frameworks. As such, year in and out they exhibit and showcase their brands and place more job opportunities at the disposals of young graduates emerging from tertiary institutions.

Speaking during the continuing Second National Youth Employment Fair, hosted at the Bintumani International Conference Centre, Aberdeen Freetown, one of the lead managers said they were at the fair and exhibition to showcase their brands-JOLAKS, PEE CEE & SONS and MILLA GEOUP, all of which offering jobs and permanent gainful employments opportunities to both skilled and unskilled Sierra Leonean graduating from tertiary institutions.

Delving further into the specifics of one of the three companies – PEE CEE & SONS stands as the best in diverse areas of management and addressing workers’ welfare. They look not only at monthly take homes but also at medical, social security, daily, weekly stipends as well as monthly salaries as enquired by law. PEE CEE & SONS also offer logistical and other forms of support including provisions, rice, among others to their workers as part of the company’s job motivations schemes.

PEE CEE & SONS which offers quality brands of logistics, procurement and import services beyond borders, as a successful business entity. The company serves as a development catalyst for the development and improvement of its workers in the Mano River Union – from Sierra Leone to Guinea, Liberia and in Cote d’Ivoire.

Workers concerns ranging from health and medical, food social security as well as timely payments of staff salaries by cash or through their bank accounts.

As for it corporate social responsibilities the company always meet the needs of communities of operations and investments across the country, with educational, infrastructure, health, social the list is long. That is why PCS is the people’s brand.

For MILLA GROUP, as a leading plastic manufacturing company in the MRU, apart from the promotions of workers’ welfare, recently paved and connected Bai Bureh to the Kissy By-Pass Road, Kissy in the East of Freetown with the pavement of Fisher Lane. The Fisher Lane passage pavement which forms a significant milestone in the accomplishments of MILLA GROUP’s Corporate Social Responsibilities CSR, has propelled the company’s profile. The unpaved passage has been in the community for the last forty-fifty years. Kissy residents can now walk and drive via either ends and connect the Old and New-Bai Bureh Roads with MILLA’s CSR boost.

MILL GROUP, apart from providing support for the constructions of schools, mosques and churches at Kissy village, the company has also and continue to offer dozens if not hundreds of job opportunities to people, irrespective their social, religious, cultural, political and ethnic affiliations. MILL GROUP is also on record for always supporting Government’s Free Quality Education since its inception with scholarship for best performing pupils of the Kissy Municipal Primary School and other learning institutions, coupled with logistical aids for the construction of additions classroom facilities to the learning environment. Moreover, MILLA GROUP being a household plastic manufacturing company in the MRU, sponsor permanent plastic waste management and renewals aimed at the mitigation of environmental dangers in communities across the country and even beyond.

Also operating in the Wellington Industrial Estate, East of Freetown is the JOLAKS Manufacturing Limited – the palm oil refinery company. Another entity that can be hardly ignore when once talking about PEE CEE & SONS and MILLA GROUP.

JOLAKS has positioned itself as a giant supplier of cooking oil and soap products to all Economic Community of West African States – countries. JOLAKS houses and operate soap and saponification finishing plants and the company’s cooking oil and soap products are found in all leading stores across the country for domestic consumptions.

For workers’ experience with the company they say they are all having it nice with their establishment.

Speaking during one of Employment, Labour and Social Security Minister’s working visits, workers after the other disclosed that they are being fairly treated by their bosses, especially in the areas of welfare. They praised the company for regularly supplying them with rice, timely payments of allowances and salaries.

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