• January 26, 2024

Youyi Building’s Elevator… It is a BIG SHAME still not Fix

Youyi Building’s Elevator… It is a BIG SHAME still not Fix
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By Sheku Putka Kamara

TECH – It is a big shame that the Youyi Building elevator is still not fixed. Ministry of Works and Public Assets, what is really happening? Ministry of Labour and Employment, are we actually following up? The other day, Chief Minister Sengeh was at the building doing some inspections. That was a time when the service was operational, MAYBE? However, the story is different as we speak. Can we therefore act with seriousness for once?

Dear TECH – I feel like we should begin to commend EDSA once again because as we speak, electricity is getting back to normalcy. It is only hoped that things will not go wrong again or anytime soon. This place; this country deserves better. We may not have it all, but there are some essentials that we cannot go without and electricity is one of such things.

Hi TECH – I am sending this note to ask some questions about integrity among other things. With all of what is happening at Parliament for example, where are we headed? Where is the integrity? Can big heads begin to roll? Many a time, we are kind of okay to circumstances when in actual face; we are digging some terrible paths for generations to come. We are not saints. We cannot have and or get it all, but there are things we should prioritize fixing!

TECH, I know that we are all pressmen, but can security forces begin to checkmate? I have observed that some vehicles will have the tag #PRESS when in actual fact the owner and or driver is not a journalist or media person. I am of the opinion that such is happening because most of those vehicles go unchecked. I cannot overstate the role and relevance of the press, but others should not use that as a way to go scot-free. I will be looking into this with DEEP concern, moving forward.

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