• January 31, 2024

The Idea is fine but the Conditions are too bad for us–Citizens lament

The Idea is fine but the Conditions are too bad for us–Citizens lament
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By Alusine Fullah


Freetown witnessed the official launch of a fleet of 50 new buses, signifying a significant step towards improving the city’s transportation infrastructure. The launch ceremony was graced by the presence of the First Lady, Fatima Maada Bio, and Chief Minister Dr David Moinina Sengeh. Their attendance underscored government’s unwavering commitment to enhancing mobility within the capital city.


Enlightening the operationalization of these buses, Chief Minister noted: “Corridors: The buses operate on two corridors: Calaba Town to Bus Station (East Corridor) and Lumley to Bus Station (West Corridor). Bus Stops: Passengers can board and alight at designated bus stops along the specified corridors. Starting from tomorrow, January 30, 2024, the buses will offer free rides to the public until February 1. This initiative is aimed at allowing residents to experience the new transportation system without the burden of fare payment during the initial phase.”


However, this medium conducted a vox pop across the streets of Freetown. During that vox pop, majority of those respondents bitterly lamented the conditions that are tied to the operationalization of those buses. Hawa Bockarie, a trader who lives at Calaba Town said: “This is a big disgrace to this government. Ten Leone (NLe10) as ticket price is too much…this is not fair…so what poverty elevation has the government brought on these buses because for me it is all about suffering and severe pain…”


Apart from her, Amadu Koroma, a driver normally routes from Calaba Town to East-End Police told FORUM NEWS SL that what the government has done is unprecedented to all Sierra Leoneans especially for them as drivers. “Now the government has noted that all commercial vehicles should route old road. This is too much for us…”


Adama Kamara said: The idea of bring the buses is very fine but the conditions that are tied to these buses is really not fair for us as ordinary and poor Sierra Leoneans. Other sources have asked the government of Sierra Leone to have a rethink on this decision, while others thank and commend the effort of making provision of the facilities.

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