• January 31, 2024

Audit Report Exposes Sierra Leone Embassy in Turkey

Audit Report Exposes Sierra Leone Embassy in Turkey
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By Hassan Osman Kargbo

Following the release of the Audit report early this year, the Audit Report has exposed the Sierra Leone Embassy in the Republic of Turkey from 2020-2022.


According to the report, two press attaches were assigned to the embassy and their staff files revealed that one of them went on vacation leave in November 2022 and it continued that the individual had still not returned to her duty post, however, the Embassy continued to pay her salaries and medical insurance even when she had not resumed her office.


It admitted that during the review period, they observed that a total of US$11,361 was borrowed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Corporation – MFAIC in November 2020, to procure diaries, pens, etc., and to airfreight them to Freetown.


However, it noted that the borrowed amount was not repaid by the MFAIC.


The Report recommended that the former Director – General, MFAIC should ensure that the loan of US$11,361 is repaid with immediate effect and otherwise, the amount should be recovered from the officers that approved the loan and paid into the Consolidated Funds.


It continued that the Government of Sierra Leone also transferred payments of medical bills for Sierra Leoneans who were to receive medical treatment in Turkey. The Report reviewed of the systems and processes to ensure probity and accountability in using public resources revealed that funds totalling US$93,840 were paid directly to the beneficiaries instead of to the hospital in Turkey and the report recommended that in future, the Head of Chancery should ensure that payments of overseas medical bills must be made directly to the hospitals.


‘All overseas medical payments in the future will be made directly to the hospital rather than the patients, as rightly advised. Furthermore, the Sierra Leone diplomatic mission will write to the Ministry of Health and Sanitation requesting returns from the concerned patients,’ the report stated.


The Report noted that the medical returns were not submitted for verification and it confirmed the issued remain unresolved.

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