• March 9, 2023

3 Missing in Nongowa, KENEMA – Police

3 Missing in Nongowa, KENEMA – Police
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By Henry Kargbo

The Regional Police Commander (Regpol) East, Mustapha Andrew Kamara has on Tuesday 7th March 2023 informed this medium that three people – Vandi Kallon, Ibrahim Kallon and Dugba Kallon have reportedly gone missing in Nongowa Chiefdom, Kenema District east of Sierra Leone.

According to Mustapha Andrew the incident occurred on 13th February of 2023, and disclosed that since the incident took place, the Regional Police East has made reasonable efforts to see that they expedite investigations to its logical conclusion.

He said Police has also informed the Paramount Chief Nongowa Chiefdom, PC Sadiq Mohamed Kapuwa and the State Council about the three missing persons’ matter.

The regional police Chief said that the State Council is charged with the legal authority to instruct the Police on investigation on the matter.

Mustapha Andrew said several directives from the State Council have indicated that the Police and the community must intensify their searches for the three missing persons.

He noted that through the advice from State Council to realise some of the suspects who were in custody with stringent bail conditions in relation to the missing persons. Police agreed to release them on bail, adding that the Police strongly condemned violence of any form of shape in the community.

He called on everyone to be cooperative in search for the necessary information that will help in the investigation.

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