• August 20, 2020

APC Strongholds are not For Sale

APC Strongholds are not For Sale
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By Joseph A. Kamanda

Contrary to information making the round on social media and certain sections of the traditional media, which I wouldn’t want to subscribe to as fake news, purporting that the main opposition All People’s Congress-APC is losing its strongholds and support bases across the political landscape to the infamous ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party SLPP, several proves are attesting to the realities on the ground that the APC party is not for sale. Nor its members and supporters in strongholds and support bases everywhere are selling out to the SLPP to survival. It is not true for a popular opposition party like the APC to betray a worthy course of returning to power soonest.

In fact, there are so many pointers to the fact that they won’t give up their democratic rights to any political party irrespective in the existing political realities. Starting with recent massive murders of innocent lives and the imprisonment of juveniles from the epic home of the Makeni killings, the people won’t be fool enough to turn against their own people in supporter of the blood takers of their brothers and sisters for power generator that was provided for the city by the last political administration.

Considering the complex situation characterised by massive economic deficiencies leading to poor standard of living of Sierra Leoneans everywhere in the country there is no for them to lend support to the demonic SLPP government. A system that has reversed gains made in the last ten years by the former administration.

To be honest with the author of write-ups as president Bio to feed Port Loko and Kambia and the north pledges support to SLPP few plots of rice cultivations in Lokomasa cannot buy the people of the northwest-Kambia and Port Loko, while all viable economic driven activities are being undertaken in the sought and eastern regions as if the north and northwest are not part of Sierra Leone.

Injustices in the judiciary causing arbitrary arrest and detention of opposition APC members and supporters, commission of inquiries white paper threats, restriction from political participation of APC Members of Parliament among host of undemocratic cultures could not encourage APC members to buy in to the SLPP ideologies nor lending their support to President Bio’s led government.

For instance in the mining and agricultural sectors, viably economic natural resources extraction investments have all be relocated either from the north to the sough and eastern regions for selfish demonstrations the powers that be greed tendencies and deprived large sections of the country. That is not peace and does not in any help in consolidating the country’s peace and cohesion for as long as there is always divisiveness and unfair distributions of resources there will be conflict of interest.

Also most of the likelihood for the people especially APC members and supporters’ denial to accommodate the SLPP is glaring in due to the lack of political tolerant among the rank and file of the ruling party. Rather, they will always tell SLPP that their support is not for sale and would prefer die APC but won’t follow the SLPP line

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