• February 9, 2023


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ARISE Integrated Industrial Platforms (ARISE IIP) completely lack knowledge and experience in the management and operations of railway and port, findings from the company’s operational zones in the sub-region revealed, on the return of pro-ARISE IIP media operatives.

The government of Sierra Leone fraudulently flout a seven years lease agreement ratified by the House of Parliament on 11th May 2021, that  Kinhgo Railway and Port Comport to operate the Pelpel Railway and Port for the aforementioned period, which has been unethically disregarded by signing a new agreement with their newfound investor, ARISE IPP.

The lease gave Kingho Railway and Port Company the rights to run, maintenance and manage the facility, but that has been unfairly breached by the government of Sierra Leone and has given the sole rights now to ARISE IIP, whose devastating operational impacts continue to have lasting environmental damages in (Cote d’Ivoire, Togo, Benin, Gabon, Gabon, Chad and beyond. A situation certain government and ARISE IPP media operatives are surreptitiously trying to coverup in a bit create the impression that nothing went wrong with the Kingho Railway and Port Company, whose investment rights have been grossly violated by government through the signing of a fraudulent and illegal lease with ARISE IPP, who has no experience in railway and port management.

One of the media operatives who took a weeklong safari tour with ARISE IIP last evening told FORUM that although their minds were somehow conditioned by ARISE IIP and its paid-up media handlers from Freetown to do impressive front-page stories yet ARISE IIP does not have experience in railway and port operations, repairs, and managements, therefore does not deserve the contract at all compared to Kingho Railway and Port Company.

The anonymous individual disclosed that the railway and port former operator, Kingho Railway and Port Company still have enough time left in its lease agreement with the government of Sierra Leone, which is a huge embarrassment to Sierra Leone investment outlook, as ARISE IIP is certainly the wrong company to operate railway and a port.

The source therefore observed that he does not really know why the government of Sierra Leone through the Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources went into such unethical and breach of contract with Kingho Railway and Port Company for their personal gains and not for the people. It added that going by what has been uncovered and observed so far throughout the tour of the team, Pepel Railway and Port Company have ended up in the wrong hands of incompetent and amateurish ARISE IIP, due to a fraudulent pact signed by Mines and Mineral Resources Minister, Musa Timothy Kabba and team.

Further revelations are that there was no trace of records of ARISE IIP engagement operations in railway, port, construction, maintenance, and management. Observers say looking at the operational background of the new contractors, clearly disqualify ARISE IPP from taking up such responsibility of handling the Pelpel Railway and Port Company for management operations and maintenance.

Nevertheless, government through the line ministry signed the lease agreement its new inexperience in railway management for the management of the Pepel Port and Railway company.

Foreign investment experts opined that such political incorrectness with largely affect Sierra Leone-China trade and investment relations if not urgently reversed, especially when it is clear enough that incompetent ARISE IPP is not the legitimate operator of the Pelpel Railway and Port Company.

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