• September 22, 2023


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By Hassan Osman Kargbo


The Rokel Commercial Bank – RCBANK, one of the leading banks in Sierra Leone, has on Sunday, 17th September, 2023, celebrated its 24th anniversary.


According to records, since 1999, when the Government of Sierra Leone took over the bank from Barclays Bank, which had run the bank since 1917 as a backing for the substantive Barclays Bank in the United Kingdom.


24 years down the line, since the change of name and management, there are many positive impacts that the Rokel Commercial Bank has brought to Sierra Leone.


Today, the management and staff of RCBANK are thankful for not just working for a bank that is generally agreed to be among the biggest and fastest growing financial service institutions in the country with the most modern and dependable digital platforms, but also, the bank has remained the bona fide champion of financial inclusion in the country.


‘We remain grateful to all those who have contributed to our success stories especially our valued customers, the people and government of Sierra Leone,’ said Managing Director Dr Gilpin.


He disclosed that this year’s celebration will not be like the previous years, as ‘we have decided to celebrate on a very low key with less privileged compatriots especially the physically challenged in mind’.


He added: ‘Our staffers were out on the streets providing food packages to the physically challenged, disabled and destitute.’

He revealed that with the bank’s feeding endeavours they traverse the length and breadth of Siaka Stevens Street, which houses their headquarters, and extend it to the Eastern Police Clock Tower, where one of RCBANK’s branches is also situated.


Dr Gilpin said the bank is of the strongest belief that it will be an error on their side if they constantly ignore the physically challenged, because it is not their fault living a life of destitution.


‘A life spent worthy is measured by deeds and not by years. The bank will continue to provide and share with the public the little profit they generate over the years,’ he observed and reassured that plans are at an advanced stage to open new branches nationwide to sustain the bank’s legacy as the widely distributed banking network in Sierra Leone, which he noted cannot be unconnected with why the bank remains profitable year in and out.


‘As we progress into our digital transformation, we will develop more products and services that will stand the test of time, that will continue to expand and bring banking to your doorsteps and will continue to make Rokel Commercial Bank your bank of  choice,’ the RCBank MD vowed.

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