• August 30, 2023

Community Empowerment for the Promotion of the Right to Food in Sierra Leone (A-SLE-2023-0174) CALL FOR TENDERS

Community Empowerment for the Promotion of the Right to Food in Sierra Leone (A-SLE-2023-0174) CALL FOR TENDERS
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Procurement of five (5) Motorcycle (White colour XTZ YAHAMA XL 125), and Quick Books Software Installation, and Training of staff

SiLNoRF is inviting Qualified, Registered, Reliable, Established, Experienced and Competent Individuals/Companies/Firms to submit offers for the Study of five (5) Motorbikes as specified above for its Community Empowerment for the Promotion of the Right to Food in Sierra Leone (A-SLE-2023-0174). And those who wish to apply can collect the tender document at SiLNoRF through the address above.

Interested eligible candidates may obtain further information on how to access the tender document through the following contacts numbers +232-78 346 116/+232 76 224 585/ +232 88 398 606 between 8:30am – 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday.

The complete set of tender documents are available in this tender document. Prices quoted should be gross inclusive of all taxes and must be in LEONES and shall remain valid for (30) days from the closing date of tender.

Completed tender document should submitted to SiLNoRF at the above address not later than 15th September 2023. Soft copies can be submitted through: kamaramarian55@gmail.com / jamilkamara88@gmail.com, and hard copies can be submitted at the above address.


The bids prepared by the bidders and all documents related to the bid must be written in English.

The measurement units used in these bid documents are the International SI units: These units must be used in the bid and during the execution of the contract. The tenders shall be priced in Leones (SLL) and the tender sum shall be in Leones.

Important Dates:

The newspaper publication date: 21st August 2023.

The deadline for the Submission of Bid: 15th September 2023, 17:30 pm

The opening of financial bids is expected during the calendar week: 20th September 2021.

The deadline for submission of inquiries/questions: 02nd November 2021.

The signing of the Contract with the selected company not later than the end of the calendar week 30th September 2023.

SiLNoRF reserves the right to accept or reject all or any application without incurring an obligation to inform any consultant/firm/Individual.


Any bid without the below stated documents will be put aside and considered invalid/Request for the missing document, that action will be determine by the tender committee.

The bid documents include prescribed forms that must be filled, signed, and dated by the bidder. Bids must be submitted as per this section “Instructions to Bidders.”

  1. Form of Bid; signed, stamped and dated (included).
  2. Declaration form; signed, stamped and dated (included);
  3. Company profile; signed, stamped and dated.
  4. SiLNORF supplier qualification forms (singed, stamped and dated by the bidder (included)
  5. Business Registration and Tax Clearance Certificate 2022/2023
  6. Engagement of a Bank Guarantee, signed, stamped and dated by the bidder’s bank (form included).
  7. Bank Guarantee cannot be applied in LOT 2 (QuickBooks Installation and Training)
  8. A detailed supply schedule with regards to the timeframe indicated by the principal.
  9. NASSIT registration certificate/ receipt 2022/2023

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