• November 6, 2023

Despite govt’s. duplicity… ARISE IIP Vows to Industrialize Sierra Leone

Despite govt’s. duplicity…  ARISE IIP Vows to Industrialize Sierra Leone
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Despite the unfavourable treatment melted against them by the government of Sierra Leone, ARISE Integrated Industrial Platforms, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Gagan Gupta has recently disclosed that the company stand willing to invest USD 120 million in the development of the country’s industrial zone following the public  private partnership agreement signed between the government and ARISE IIP.

The Special Industrial Zone, Koya Integrated Industrial Zone Gagan Gupta added is designed to host companies specializing in agro industry, timber processing , pharmaceuticals, consumer goods manufacturing, electric vehicle manufacturing, cement and tile manufacturing.


To demonstrate our unwavering commitment, we have already commenced with its phase one that will showcase the installation of 16 production units estimated to generate over $ 165 million in private investment and create thirty four thousand (34,000) direct jobs aim at unlocking the country industrial potential and support the country in pushing towards industrialization agenda, Founder and CEO revealed.


ARISE IIP, is a renounce developer and operator of world class industrial ecosystems across Africa feature has further assured the government and the general public of its commitment to building what ARISE IIP referred to as a sustainable future in the area of job openings, empowering local communities and promoting economic growth through industrial development that will attract local and international investors to the region.


ARISE IIP, for the past years has experience a remarkable expansion across more than a dozen African countries, Gabon Special Economic Zone (GSEZ) been a vivid example that focuses on the timber industry that attracted 16,000 jobs and 120 investors stimulating Gabon as a nation to move from the position of exporter of logs to the world second largest producer and exporter of veneer and first in Africa.


According to media publications flooding the media intimated that the government of President Bio is in talk with the government of the People Republic of China to secure a $ 1.5 billion loan for the construction of the much talked about Lungi bridge  that will leapfrog the country’s infrastructural development drive.


Despite the SLPP government determination to construct the Lungi bridge, anxieties are glaring with regards the terms and conditions of the $1.5 billion loan and its unforeseeable effect on the nation present public debt status.


“We will make an announcement on the Lungi bridge when we have one , for now , our government is still discovering various signature initiative and development priorities , including the construction of the Lungi bridge”    Information Minister was quoted saying  told the media.


Media publications have started ringing the bell that one among British prominent multinational law firm in the side of ARISE IIP  have already pick out eleven alleged breaches committed by the government of Sierra Leone in the lease agreement in connection to the development , expansion  and management of the Pepel Rail and Port.


A closed source has told Forum Newspaper that the law firm has presented their findings during a briefing on Monday 30th October, 2023 to the Board of Directors ARISE IIP in Dubai.


The findings, Forum News was told  named Sierra Leone’s Attorney General and Minister of Justice , Mohamed Lamin Tarawallie’s  legal option as total flawed on the grounds that the government failed to address the conflict resolution clauses outlined in the agreement, which could have been used to address any issues with ARISE IIP.


And as a result, in a letter dated 1st November, 2023 addressed to the Minister of Mines and Mineral Resources, Julius Matttai by ARISE IIP lawyer LinkLaters issued a strong warning to the government of Sierra Leone not to proceed with the course of action they had set out in a press conference held at the Radisson Blu Mammy Yoko Hotel in Freetown, Friday 27th October, 2023.


ARISE IIP lawyer threatened to institute legal action against the government of Sierra Leone in an event they (government) decided to go ahead with the course of action they had taken to approve a new lease agreement with Kingho Railway and Port Company Limited.


ARISE IIP lawyer, Forum was told have given the government of Sierra Leone until today Friday 3rd. November this year as deadline to confirm in writing weather the government will continue with the course of action set out in the press conference of the 27th October, 2023, failing, ARISE IIP reserves the its rights to begin legal action against the government of Sierra Leone including but not limited to injunction, arbitral claims relief and claims for damages.

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