• February 3, 2024

Faculty of Law Launches Fundraising Campaign for State-of-the-Art Building

Faculty of Law Launches Fundraising Campaign for State-of-the-Art Building
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By: Sulaiman Stom Koroma

In an ambitious move to enhance its academic infrastructure, the Faculty of Law at Fourah Bay College has embarked on a fundraising initiative to construct a cutting-edge facility. This disclosure was made by the Head of Department, Dr. Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai.

Dr. Abdulai said that the college administration has generously provided the required space, setting the stage for the realization of this visionary project. ” We want to thank the college authorities who have already provided the space for the proposed building, all we need to do now is to galvanize the necessary funds to get the project started.” He said.


According to the engineer, the proposed building is set to be equipped with about six spacious auditoriums, a multitude of classrooms, and modern offices tailored to accommodate the needs of the lecturers and other staff, aimed at creating an environment conducive to optimal learning and legal research. The building is estimated at Four Billion Leones.

Lawyer Rashid Dumbuya is a lecturer at the department, he said that the faculty is reaching out to students, alumni, well-wishers, and the general public for their support to make this dream a reality. ” We are calling upon everyone- past and present students, philanthropists, and the general public for their support and donations towards the realization of this remarkable project”. He said.

“The fundraising campaign promises not only to bolster the development of the faculty but also to contribute to the advancement of legal education by creating a state-of-the-art learning hub, the faculty strives to provide future generations of legal minds with unrivaled opportunities for growth and excellence”. Said Winifred Sama Blango a student of the faculty.

Apart from the contributions to enable this transformative endeavor, the faculty has started various fundraising campaigns and strategies, which include selling faculty products, organizing football competitions, and introducing professional fees amongst others.

“The faculty of law stands poised to redefine legal education, and with the collective effort of passionate individuals, this ambitious vision can become a reality”. Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai, Head of Law Department.

It is worth noting that the law department has nurtured and produced exceptional legal professionals from across the West African Region and beyond.

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