• September 16, 2023

I am Samuel Wise Bangura

I am Samuel Wise Bangura
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Every time you hear me sign off with those words you can be certain that the report is credible, factual and beyond reproach.
I have repudiated the wanton claims and efforts at calumny directed at my person, but in a society where many are swept by demagoguery and hate, the truth has a slender muscle. The first report always sways the gullible; and sadly feeds the hateful. Time will vindicate our actions!

My resignation from the AYV Media Empire does not end my being a journalist.

I wish to register my deepest regrets to those who believe in me for putting them through the hassle of speculation, suspicions, conjectures and misrepresentation. If there is anything to take away from this sad episode, it is that my resilience has been reinvigorated in my pursuits as a journalist of high intellect and repute.

I’m taking this moment to thank my family who have been dragged into this and persecuted, my friends, my colleagues and the many people who have sent me messages of support during this difficult time.

My promise to you Sierra Leone, is that I stand resolute in the face of challenges, circumspect in my pursuits, and unbowed in the heat of evaluation. I shall remain credible, factual, and beyond reproach.

The story shall be told…

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