• February 6, 2024

JAB SHOW Returns Onscreen

JAB SHOW Returns Onscreen
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The producers and presenter of Life by Design Show, Joe Abass Bangura, has decided to give the show a facelift. Life by Design Show is a program that among other things gears towards helping people to shape their lives, especially helping to empower young individuals to take responsibility for creating their future they desire to experience in life.

According to Joe Abass Bangura during the relaunched of the Life by Design Show, It was with profound gratitude that he made this announcement as they stand at the threshold of an exciting chapter in the Life by Design journey.

He continued that the past, with all its challenges and triumphs, had paved the way for an exciting transformation, and he was honoured to share with his audience the news of their much-anticipated re-launch.

He noted that almost 35 years ago, a journey began that would not only change his life but also eventually touch the lives of hundreds of thousands of Sierra Leoneans, adding that he started off with him delivering motivational talks in churches and radio talk shows and ultimately, to the establishment of the nationally acclaimed “Life by Design” TV show in 2011.

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He admitted that Life by Design had racked over 900 episodes, reaching an estimated 3 million Sierra Leoneans. He said Its impact had ranged from energising the transformation of thousands of Sierra Leonean youth; to spearheading National Public Education Campaigns during the Ebola and COVID pandemics.

He said he has received many calls from Sierra Leoneans for the return of the show; the “Life by Design Show” had poised to make a remarkable comeback, with broadcasts extended to social media platforms in addition to radio and TV – ensuring an even broader reach.

He confirmed that their content will be mostly curated in Krio, aiming to connect with Sierra Leoneans globally. The show will continue to address themes around Life, Career and Business Mastery. Also, admitted that their Q&A sessions will address people’s pressing questions and they would have the opportunity to shape the show’s content with their feedback.

He noted that he share the news with people, with a heart full of gratitude. Grateful to God for making his life the gift and impact it had been to my generation; grateful to people for their prayers and support over the three and a half decades, and for participating in this very transformative journey, curating their own life by design, one decision at a time.

He admonished all present that he approach this new chapter with faith, enthusiasm and sincere wishes, for a brighter future for the Sierra Leonean youth. He thanked everyone for being an integral part of his amazing journey. He reiterated that the show will be broadcast every Tuesday via the Joe Abass-Life by Design WhatsApp Channel and in his Facebook page.com

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