• August 25, 2023


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By Alhaji Galaxy

In showing strong support and solidarity to the democratically elected MPs of the main opposition All Peoples’ Congress party (APC), astute philanthropist, humanitarian and politician, Sheik Alhaji Mohamed Kamara through his ‘Jagaban’ foundation, has on Tuesday 22nd August 2023, donated the sum of Le. 500M to the leadership of the APC party as a sign of support and party loyalty. The event took place at the APC party headquarters, Brookfields Freetown.

The event was graced by the leadership of the party, elected MPs, Mayors, members and sympathizers, as they witnessed the presentation of a Five Hundred Million Leones check and in cash (Le.500,000.000) from the ‘Jagaban’ foundation.

This kind act of generosity and humanitarian gesture is geared towards showing love and support to elected APC MPs, Councilors, Mayors and members of the entire party, for them to continue with the good works that they have been doing since the party was robbed off its clean victory in the June 24 2023 elections.

Sheik Alhaji Mohamed Kamara, in an emotional letter to the APC party acknowledged his profound love and support to the party. He added that he recognized the APC lawmakers which constitute the democratically elected MPs, Mayors, and Councilors, for their immense dedication and sacrifice.

He furthered the Le.500M is to support and appreciate the efforts of the elected MPs, Mayors, and Councilors, as they have been working tirelessly in representing the interests of the APC party, constituents and the nation as a whole. “Their decision is vital and has great positive impact on our nation’s future” he said.

He underscored that we as Sierra Leoneans should acknowledge the strong commitment displayed by the elected APC MPs, Mayors, and Councilors, and provide the necessary resources to continue with their untiring efforts toward the robust fight for democracy and fair elections.

The National Secretary General for the APC party, Lansana Dumbuya, on behalf of the party acknowledged and appreciated the thoughtful humanitarian gesture of Sheik Alhaji Mohamed Kamara and the ‘Jagaban’ foundation. He went on to say that it is a sign of the unity and love that lives within and amongst members of the APC party.

He added that they are at a crossroad and this is the moment that the APC needs to show the world that they are united more than ever, and they are not backing down on their stance to boycott government.

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