• February 6, 2024


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Aaron Parker

In a series of tweets, prominent lawyer and key figure within the opposition All People’s Congress (APC), Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara, commonly known as JFK, has taken to Twitter to express his grave concerns about what he perceives as the arbitrary exercise of power by government officials.

“Arbitrary powers are being exercised with relish on the citizenry. A minister unlawfully declares curfew. A power only abrogated to the President. Another Minister dissolved the University Court. A power that belongs to Parliament. The law is now spited and abused with impunity.”

Kamara specifically highlighted instances where ministers allegedly overstepped their authority, raising questions about the adherence to legal protocols. One tweet pointed out the declaration of a curfew by a minister, a power reserved solely for the President. According to Kamara, this move represents a blatant misuse of authority and a violation of established legal procedures.

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Furthermore, Kamara addressed another incident where a minister reportedly dissolved the University Court, a power constitutionally belonging to Parliament. He emphasized that such actions not only disregard established legal frameworks but also undermine the principles of separation of powers within the government.

In his Twitter posts, Kamara asserted that these actions showcase a concerning trend of disregarding the law with impunity, leading to the erosion of citizens’ rights. The lawyer called for accountability and adherence to legal processes, stressing the importance of upholding the rule of law in the nation.

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