• November 14, 2023


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The newly elected Chairman of the KLYMAX BREED FOUNDATION (KBF), has called on his comrades at home and aboard to continue to serve humanity as they have transitioned from KLYMAX CLUB to KLYMAX BREED FOUNDATION. “As we move from KLYMAX CLUB to KLYMAX BREED FOUNDATION we need to recognise the works that have been done by our founding fathers. And let us also continue to serve humanity,” he said. Mr Alhajie Mohamed Samoura last Saturday 11 November 2023 made the appeal to Dons of the KLYMAX BREED FOUNDATION whiles delivering his acceptance speech shortly he subscribed the oath of office as Chairman of KBF.

Chsirman Samoura and his executive were duly elected at the first ever KLYMAX BREED FOUNDATION Annual General Meeting, hosted at the Multi-Purpose Hall, Fourah Bay College Mount Aureol Freetown. He encouraged Dons to uphold the values of KBF, and paid tributes to fallen Dons of the KLYMAX FAMILY as well as all founding members the KLYMAX CLUB, and described his election as a chair of KBF as new beginning, moving from KLYMAX CLUB to KLYMAX BREED FOUNDATION.

Mr Samoura profusely thanked his predecessor Mr Daniel Bounting Johnny and his entire out gone executive for their dedication to the progress and development of KBF as well as for building a solid foundation upon which they are now working with for the progress and development of the KBF. “I have a responsibility not only for upholding the values of KLYMAX FOUNDATION but also to retain and build on their legacies,” vowed Chairman Samoura.

The KBF Chairman expressed profound gratitude to the entire membership of the KBF for their support success of the foundation. He assured Dons of credible, trustworthy and quality leadership. KBF Chairman Samoura vowed to make KBF the envy of all foundations, adding that he will take the foundation to higher heights. Samoura promised to serve KLYMAX BREED FOUNDATION to the best of his ability making sure that the decision made by Dons in electing him as their Chairman is not misplaced.

KBF outgoing Chairman Daniel Bounting Johnny among other things praised Dons for the modest manners in which they conducted themselves at the AGM. Mr Johnny briefly outlined series of legacies projects his administration delivered to logical conclusion.

Moderating the second secession during which series of issues were tabled for deliberations, Peakman Ibrahim Bangura Esq, alias Belos, proposed the issues of memberships. Discussants suggested that annual subscriptions be paid in local and foreign currencies, to which it was suggested that One Hundred United States Dollars ($100) be paid by members as annual subscription per member. The $100 annual subscription proposal was further discussed in detail with KBF diaspora members via zoom and those who were present at the AGM.

Bangura implored all members that they should meet at a mid-way point of $100 as annual subscription for the KLYMAX BREED FOUNDATION. In their respective contributions, certain KBF members objected that the $100 annual subscription is too high considering the facts that such amount of money will be hardly affordable by some KBF members. Moving forward, it was however resolved that members’ annual subscription be paid at $100.

Lawyer Bangura disclosed that KBF is a non-profit charity organization, and referred all to the Company’s Act 2014, which he said serves as the Bible that gives them the right to assemble. He added that whatever is being raised by the FOUNDATION is meant for charity, excluding weddings and other forms of merriments that are not welfare matters.

He spoke briefly about the organizational structure of KBF which has the Bible that covers everything, ranging from the membership to subscription. Belos clearly pointing out that irrespective of one’s socioeconomic and academic plight, as long as the specific individual subscribed to the oath, then the person is a member of KLYMAX CLUB, that person is also eligible to be a member of the KLYMAX BREED FOUNDATION.

The moderator cited an article in the by-laws of the organization, which states that it should not be political. He therefore implored Dons to try not to keep eligible people out of the membership of KBF. To which was suggested that there should be a foreign account for all payments from overseas. Several other suggestions were made towards the progress and further development of the KBF. 

In votes cast online by KBF diaspora and at the AGM for Chairman, Alhajie Mohamed Samoura scored 72 and online 29 followed by the runner up with 29. Samoura was duly elected and declared Chairman KLYMAX BREED FOUNDATION. Other executive offices including Data Management, Humanitarian and Social Affairs and Programmes Management were also elected, while others went unopposed. The 1st KBF Annual General Meeting was adjourned to another date subject to approval by the incoming executive.

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